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Raudive Dioden Livestream by Hartmut Alt

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I gave you the answer on Youtube. Regarding your question of repetition.

I've only tried Krisp once. 

Unfortunately, I can no longer find this Krisp Livestream technology.

I work classically with direct voices from the radio.




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Yes sir, you did provide the answer; explaining you repeated the response areas 3 times; which I in turn responded by thanking you. Not sure why you can no longer find KRISP, or why you'd need to since it saves to the computer and can continue to access it at your leisure. 

I will say however, I'd honestly rather work with DRV technique as well. It's truly an amazing means of receiving contact from the other side, and no worries of pareidolia or false positives. 

I'm always interested Michael, in seeing other's work with ITC; those that take it seriously anyway. I  would love to be able to view your work. Do you have a YT channel where you share your work, or web page my friend? 

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