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03 Worlds Within Worlds – Things To Do in the Afterlife


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(Note: This article is based both on ITC contacts that I consider accurate and reliable and on information I gleaned from other sources (such as the work of the late George Meek and Frederick Myers and a classic book, Wanderer in the Spirit Lands), which explores aspects of spirituality that our ITC contacts avoided. Together those sources give a more complete picture of the spirit realms, but readers’ discretion is advised.)

We all get one ultimate vacation during our lifetime. When we reach the end, Planet Earth says Bon voyage!… and then we awaken in the realms of spirit.

This travelogue looks at what to expect of that grand adventure into the afterlife… with a few tips on planning ahead.

After we die, we awaken in the spirit worlds with emotional baggage. Whether we travel light or lug a lot of stuff determines what kinds of experiences and opportunities will open up for us. Here’s a list of the main afterlife destinations, starting with the most visited and working down to the least visited by people fresh off the Earth:Paradise at noble level 3 (most visited)


There are various afterlife models or roadmaps that describe the many spirit realms associated with the Earth. All of those models are subjective and arbitrary, including this popular model consisting of 7 light-and-pleasant realms above the Earth and 7 dark-and-disagreeable realms below. (As mentioned elsewhere, “above” and “below” refer to vibration, not space.) This 7-level model provides a frame of reference for the accompanying travelogue into the afterlife.

Most people lead generally decent lives. They show kindness toward their friends and loved ones and pets, and they have empathy for the less fortunate. They don’t mind lending a helping hand. So these people awaken at level 3 after they die… sometimes called “going to the light” or “finding the light at the end of the tunnel.” Level 3 is an earth-like paradise.

Their baggage. Despite their general decency and desire to help others, new arrivals might also have a special fondness for a nice home, comfortable clothes, a fancy car, good food, sex, exciting sports, or other carnal preoccupations. While these earthly distractions have no place or purpose in the finer realms of spirit, there are plenty of opportunities at level 3 to partake in them with people of mutual interest.

That said, many good people over-pack their emotional baggage during a lifetime, so when they arrive at level 3 they go into a deep, rejuvenating sleep that lasts, on average, six weeks of earth time. While their astral body grows to the prime of life, their higher self works with other spirits to look through the baggage for excessive anger or guilt or fear or grief or craving or resentment or selfishness that might cause a problem in paradise. Small stuff can be tossed out, but bigger items could present a problem. By the time they wake up, most of them are well suited for a happy, new life in paradise.

Still too much baggage? But a few of the new arrivals might still be too abrasive or impatient or quick-tempered or self-obsessed, even after a healing sleep. If they venture out into this new world and start to make people around them uneasy with their troubled feelings, those bristlers are moved along with their baggage to level 2, a sort of holding area, where they can further process their feelings for a while and then return to paradise once they’ve mellowed out.

Things to do in paradise. Once they get settled at level 3, friendliness, peace, comfort, and enjoyment become a way of life. Whether they were artists, musicians, writers, entertainers, orators, historians, teachers, preachers, scientists, adventurers, explorers, engineers, or nature-lovers before they died, now they gravitate to communities of kindred spirits with common interests, and they find opportunities for earth-like pleasures and pastimes beyond anything they could have ever imagined on Earth. They thoroughly enjoy their new life in paradise… but something’s missing.

When they feel ready, they can work with teachers and ethereal beings to purify themselves of earthly desires altogether, then ascend to level 4. Or they might do what most people at level 3 do: choose to reincarnate into another lifetime on Earth.

(Many examples here of life in paradise… )

The earthplane at level 1 / level -1

The next most-visited destination for the afterlife vacation is the earthplane… a sort of shadow world of Earth… a misty, invisible realm of spiritual residue blanketing the physical planet. Many people who don’t make it to level 3 end up on the earthplane.

Hm-m, how to compare? If paradise (level 3) were a happy, bustling city, the earthplane would be a lawless frontier town. The people here on the earthplane aren’t malevolent, just unrefined. There’s a lot of rowdy stuff going on here, and everyone who arrives here has to adapt to it… like businessmen and schoolmarms adapting to life among drunken cowboys, gamblers, and petty thieves.

Their baggage. People arriving on the earthplane typically don’t realize they’ve made mistakes. They might not even realize they’ve died. Addicts, alcoholics, narcissists, warriors, and staunch materialists are just a few of the many people who often arrive in the spirit worlds in a state of denial. They’re so attached to earthly dramas that they’re unable to find peace and paradise. They stay close to the Earth and spend most of their energy fascinated by human affairs. They’re not malicious, but they’re confused and frustrated. They can clearly see people on Earth and get right up in their faces and even yell at them (but most of us carnals just ignore them because we can’t see or hear them. They’re just ghosts, after all).

Alcohol and opiate alkaloids (cocaine, heroin, morphine…) present a special problem on the earthplane. These earthly substances disrupt the physical nervous system (by mimicking sugar and upsetting the body’s pleasure controls) and cause chemical dependencies during a lifetime. There are no corresponding nonphysical drugs available on the earthplane to stimulate the spiritual nervous systems of dead addicts and alcoholics, so these craving souls are often attracted to addicts and alcoholics on Earth. They intrude, invisibly, into an addict’s physical space in a parasitic relationship, getting the buzz from the carnal host while aggravating his urge to continue abusing alcohol and drugs.

Once the dense, troubled spirits of the earthplane realize what’s happening to them, they might become aware of support groups and multilevel spiritual networks spread throughout the earthplane whose members help each other detach from the Earth and ascend to paradise. There’s always help for a lost or confused soul… if they want it.

On the other hand, not everyone on the earthplane is lost and frustrated. There are also deceased druids, shamans, and scientists working with each other (and sometimes with “extraterrestrials”), experimenting with time-and-space manipulations, materializations, apports, crop circles, séances, physical mediumship, and other phenomena that impress and perplex (and sometimes provide some technical advancements and other benefits to) humans on Earth.

There are waystations sprinkled around the earthplane like frontier outposts, where spirits from level 3 (and in rare cases from even higher levels) can come close to the Earth on noble missions, for example, to protect or to inspire certain people or to work on an ITC bridge. These aren’t especially popular assignments, but they appeal to certain adventurous souls and to finer beings who have an interest in the fate of the Earth.

Things to do on the earthplane. So these are some of the main things to do on the earthplane—stay immersed in earthly dramas, meddle in the lives of people on Earth, work on projects in the spirit realm to directly affect the physical realm, or join a support group to rise above earthly preoccupations while migrating toward noble levels 2 and 3.

(Personal accounts of life on the earthplane… )

Purgatory at savage levels -2 and -3

The third most-visited afterlife realm is probably the purgatory at levels -2 and -3, a dark, barren land. Newcomers can sense suffering everywhere, but they can’t see anything, so they often grope in the dark in search of a door or a way out. As they get acclimated, they begin to see everyone around them as shrunken, deformed versions of who they each used to be on Earth. They soon learn that most people arriving in purgatory enjoyed lifetimes of selfish pursuits that made other people suffer, but they didn’t let themselves feel regret for the pain they caused. So over the years the remorse grew inside them like a cancer until they died, sick of spirit, and then they found themselves in this desolate place to start the painful healing process. Now, as they get used to this decrepit land of suffering, they often see individuals or small teams moving through the darkness bearing light. These are service workers—members of those multilevel support groups that extend throughout many of the spirit realms to help souls rise. People at many levels of spirit can find these service workers, join their networks, and work together with many other souls whose main task is simply to help each other rise to finer realms. Some people in purgatory choose to heal, others choose to continue their misery for a while.

Their baggage. Newcomers here often go through a short period of shocked disbelief and hopelessness, but soon they’re overcome by guilt, shame, and remorse. Sooner or later they all find hope as they begin their quest back toward the light.

Things to do in purgatory. The main activity here is to suffer along with everyone else during the healing process, to feel remorse and self-pity… and eventually to try to help others, since giving a helping hand is often the first step toward getting a more powerful helping hand. Then there are plenty of opportunities for people in this dark realm to work with each other, to help each other along the path to inner peace and paradise by acknowledging their mistakes, purifying themselves, and moving onward and upward.

 (Personal accounts of awakening in purgatory… )

Summerland at level 4

Some people on Earth are exceptionally caring, empathetic, sensitive and wise beyond their years. They’re attracted less by earthly distractions than by love, good works in the community, and the quest for wisdom and knowledge. These bright souls sometimes awaken to a rarefied paradise beyond human description—level 4. Here they find the most beautiful artworks and most magnificent creations of human minds while they flourish in communities along the shores of glistening lakes and rivers… amid vibrant forests and meadows and parks of trees and flowers that glow from within. The world is filled with a vast array of ethereal colors beyond what anyone on Earth could even imagine. People have moved beyond the cycle of reincarnation by the time they arrive in the summerland, where love and peace are a way of life for everyone and everything. There are no more earthly lessons to be learned… no more karmic consequences to overcome. While people back at level 3 can choose to work with people on Earth by resonating with their noble-savage thoughts and feelings, that is no longer an option here at level 4, where everyone is pulled into the noble beauty of the summerland and can no longer harmonize with savage attitudes prevalent on Earth. In the summerland you often feel like you’re melting with the elements of a sublime paradise at the threshold to ethereal splendor (level 5) that thrives in formless brilliance and bliss beyond the illusions of time and space and structure.

Their baggage. Everyone who enters the summerland travels light. On Earth we’re subjected to fears and doubts and animosities and cravings. Only a small proportion of us carnal humans can spend a lighthearted lifetime free of emotional baggage, so very few people go directly to the summerland after they die. Most people enter the summerland only after a period of learning and spiritual purification at level 3… once honesty, trust, and good will have become a way of life, and after all the crumbs of fear, doubt, desire, and animosity have fallen away into the lower levels.

Things to do in the summerland. People at level 4 can manifest things just by thinking about them. They can travel by thought to distant stars and worlds among various dimensions. Such power of the mind, which is a way of life at level 4 and above, is rare at level 3 and nearly impossible on Earth because of the accidents and disasters that could occur as a result of the rollercoaster thoughts and feelings among noble-savage humans.

People at level 4 can visit dispassing points where many dimensions intersect. These dispassing (or “dispassier”) points sometimes look like multistory buildings in which each floor takes you to a different spiritual level. You can go freely downstairs to visit level 3, level 2 or the earthplane at level 1, or you might have the credentials to go upstairs into ethereal realms at levels 5 and above. Getting those credentials into higher levels apparently involves some serious work at spiritual purification… and you usually go upstairs only by invitation from a resident of those higher levels.

(Beautiful distinctions between paradise and the summerland… )

Lower hells at levels -4 to -7

A small proportion of people on Earth are especially malicious and predatory. They cause a lot of pain and suffering during a lifetime and stir up intense resentment and hatred among some of their victims. After they die, these dark-motivated individuals (and sometimes their unforgiving victims as well) are dragged down to dark realms where torture, terrible suffering, and malevolence are a way of life. The torturers often become the tortured. Ruthless, Machiavellian despots hold court in slimy, decrepit castles and chambers—horrid replicas of the places they’d inhabited on Earth—where everyone bears a hideous likeness to proverbial witches and warlocks. The lowest levels are said to have many pockets of sulfurous flames created by the collective, unrequited malice of the inhabitants.

Spiritual purification facilities, which are present at the higher levels, can’t survive in these darkest of realms, so service workers from various levels are routinely assembled and mobilized. Finer beings from levels 4 and above are able to monitor the gruesome activities in hell and to locate certain individuals who are there by mistake or whose remorse and forgiveness (of self and of others) make them ready to be helped. Then, rescue teams from the earthplane descend into the darkness, get acclimated, locate the appropriate individuals, and return them to the earthplane. It’s dangerous work, as the rescuers themselves can get stuck or come under attack, but finer beings are able to observe the project closely through their multilevel networks, and to offer guidance and protection along the way. The individual rescue workers from the earthplane have gone through extensive training to learn how to remain even-tempered and task-oriented, and they perform individual rescues in pairs or in small teams.

Though the lower hells have fewer inhabitants than any of the higher levels, all of those trapped souls have terrible suffering in common.

Their baggage. They’re trapped there by the intense savagery of their thoughts, feelings, and intentions… hatred, envy, craving, and general ill will.

Things to do in the lower hells. People prey on and torture each other, suffer, and commiserate until at last they feel remorse and empathy and find forgiveness. Then they are brought to higher levels in the course of healing. Normally the people in the lower hells are too dark of nature and too far removed from Earth to have any direct influence on our world. However, in certain eras terror and hatred can spread through a large segment of the population here, for example during bitter wars and revolutions, at which times dark portals open up on Earth through which waves of those terrible spirits can stream into our world to make the situation here much worse. Then noble legions of light workers quickly descend to our world to counter the darkness, and the battle rages on both sides of the veil.

(grueling accounts of rescue work… )

Ethereal splendor of levels 5 through 7

A lifetime on Earth fueled largely by hormones and egos burdens all of us mortal humans with some amount of fears, cravings, resentments, regrets, or other troubled feelings. That emotional baggage makes it impossible for almost anyone to awaken in the ethereal realms after they die. The rare exceptions might be spiritual masters who’ve spent much of their lives in deep meditation, completely removed from the dramas of the world broiling around them. Even those enlightened humans can probably expect to awaken no higher than the finer reaches of level 4 after they die.. even though they’ve traveled through and experienced the ethereal realms during their meditations. Then, with some additional spiritual purification at level 4, they can soon leave the realms of form and structure altogether and move into level 5 as an energy being… a sort of integrated cloud of brilliant consciousness.

Their baggage. Anyone entering the ethereal realms checks their baggage at the door. (Actually, by the time they reach the threshold to level 5, they no longer have emotional baggage.)

Things to do in the ethereal realms. Ethereal beings are brilliant and formless, and typically live in clusters. An ethereal cluster is like a bank of supercomputers that exchange oceans of information instantly. They can create entire worlds and observe the activity going on throughout most of the spirit realms associated with the Earth (although most ethereal beings have no interest in the noble-savage affairs of Earth). Unfortunately, those who do have an interest in the Earth can’t simply sweep away the darkness of our world because it’s too tightly enmeshed with the light of our world. However they told us recently, “Mankind at the End Time should be led back to the principle. Light and darkness shall unite and form a whole again. What people experience now is not the actual beginning of the apocalypse, but only the first symptoms.” So apparently, at the end of an epoch, the dark and light realms around the Earth (levels 1 through 3 and levels -1 through -7) are somehow all pulled together, perhaps so that some general healing can be done, before the start of the next epoch. (Read more about that… )

(more about ethereal beings… )


I believe these cursory descriptions offer a reasonably accurate glimpse into the spirit realms around the Earth, based on my 30 years of research into the afterlife… especially the groundbreaking work of Maggy Fischbach of Luxembourg.

I believe there are certain principles that hold true throughout the vast omniverse. For example:

  • Everything in the omniverse has, at the center of its being, a connection with the source, which resides beyond level 7, and nurturing that personal connection with gratitude is the main way to find peace and order, regardless of where in the various realms you happen to be living at the moment.
  • Spiritual advancement means ascending toward the source, and one of the best ways to do that is to help others to move toward the source. (“Moving toward the source” means purifying one’s spirit to be more like the source, which is steeped in such noble values as love, honesty, wisdom, knowledge, empathy, and service to others.)

 (how the spirit realms all interplay with the Earth… )

(Note: The next article in this series is about the ancient human timeline that stretches back more than 4 billion years.)


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