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ITC Gem 10: How Some People Reincarnate

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ITC Gem 10: How Some People Reincarnate

Posted on 2010 June 16 by Mark Macy

Editor’s note: There’s a lot of debate about reincarnation. In this report by CETL of Luxembourg in 1992, we see how the process actually happens on the spiritside… at least among our friends at Timestream.

– – – CETL Report – – –

On Jan. 14, 1992, Swejen Salter, the head of Timestream Spirit Group, described how some people in spirit experience the process of reincarnating.

Earthside: Swejen, you told me the people in your world live similarly to people on earth. They have a body as we do but have no diseases or complaints and enjoy a pleasant existence. They live together with relatives or with people to whom they are attracted. Surely, their departure from their friends must be difficult when they return to earth for a new existence? Do people decide themselves how and when they incarnate?

Spiritside: In many cases, people decide themselves. In some cases they are also being told by higher beings. Nobody is forced to return. To many, the process is like an inner voice that reminds them of their duties and lessons that are still waiting for them on earth. They may delay these tasks for many years but know they cannot avoid them forever.

Many people depend on being reminded of their duties by spiritually more evolved beings who tell them when the time has come to go back to earth. They need superior guiding spirits. Others do not like to be reminded of their task. They need neither spirit guides nor other people to tell them what to do. For such spirits there is an inner voice that tells them what they still have to finish on earth.

Whether a spirit guide or an inner voice reminds them is unimportant. The results are always the same.

Earthside: What comes next when they make up their minds. Are there special locations for reembodiment?

Spiritside: When a person of our group has finally decided on reincarnation, higher beings consult with each other about his thoughts and wishes which led him to this decision. When higher beings have consented to a new reincarnation or have motivated a being for such a decision, the person is led to a special building provided for reincarnations.

Earthside: That reminds me a little of dying on our side. Describe the procedure for me, please. Does the person concerned take leave from close spiritual sisters or brothers?

Spiritside: The procedure is similar to people’s arrival here, only this time it is a going back. The person is again placed in what looks like a tub. His body, which on this level usually takes on an average age of 25-30 years, begins to change and becomes increasingly younger and smaller. It returns to the state of a child and then to a baby and finally to a small cell. By the time the body has become a cell, it is no longer present here among us. The cell has meanwhile arrived in the female body of a human being.

Earthside: What makes possible the return process from body to cell on your side, is it done with the help of technical equipment?

Spiritside: Yes, the process takes place with the help of apparatuses.

Earthside: How do people incarnate who have no technical equipment?

Spiritside: With the help of incantations and prayers.

Earthside: So, this is how we all have come back. That is hard to imagine. The soul of the being is therefore in the cell as soon as the cell has developed in the female body?

Spiritside: Yes, at the moment the body disappears for us, the conception has taken place on earth, and the soul is in the cell.

– – – End of CETL Report – – –

Note: Some research has found that the soul might be able to enter the cell, or fetus, anytime between conception and birth, so perhaps “the jury is still out” on the issue of exactly when reincarnation occurs.


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