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What the Spirits say on the Abortion Issue

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What the Spirits Say on the Abortion Issue


With the United States Supreme Court reversing a prior decision in favor of abortion rights, the country is further dividing itself and there is much self-righteousness on both sides.  I don’t want to get into politics at this blog and don’t pretend to know which side is right or whether there is an actual moral issue involved.  If those opposed to abortion are right about life beginning at conception, then it would seem that there is a moral issue.  However, I have been unable to find enough “spirit communication” on the subject to lean too much in one direction. I did find what follows.

“Conception, the union of two cells, instantly sends out a note and a light to the spiritual realm, so that a soul wanting to come to earth is attracted toward that union,” the discarnate Alvin Daniel Mattson (below) communicated through British clairvoyant Margaret Flavell during or around 1972. “In some cases, the soul may have been attracted to those potential parents before. Immediately, a subtle connection is made by the soul with the aura of the mother, and the Angels of Form begin to work on the higher planes to prepare for the entry of the soul into the fetus.”


Dr. Mattson was a Lutheran theologian before his transition from the material world in 1970. He taught for 36 years at the Augustana Theological Seminary, later the Lutheran School of Theology, in Chicago, and was chairman of the Department of Christian Ethics.  Flavell was a graduate of the London School of Paranormal Psychology and Sanctuary of Healing.  During World War II, she was commissioned by Lord Hugh Dowding, Marshal of the Royal Air Force, to use her psychic abilities to trace missing RAF pilots.  The messages were communicated from Mattson through Flavell to Ruth Mattson Taylor, Mattson’s daughter.  She was a spectro-chemist with a Master of Science degree from Northwestern University.  Fifty-five messages came through from Mattson between March 1971 and October 1973. Many of them were set forth in Taylor’s 1975 book, Witness from Beyond, but those involving abortion are drawn from her 1999 book, Evidence from Beyond.

“When the fetus quickens, the incoming soul seems to become more closely attached to the aura of the mother, but it does not actually enter the physical body at that time,” Mattson explained.  “The soul does not actually enter the physical body until the moment of birth.”

Mattson went on to say that he had witnessed the “descending soul” and it appeared to enter the physical body when the baby took its first breath.  “If a fetus is aborted in the second or third month of pregnancy, it appears that the in-coming soul has not yet drawn close enough to the auric field of the mother to be too adversely affected,” he continued. “Since it may not be aware of the fact, the disruption is not as drastic as some people believe. However, when you abort a fetus at any point after conception, you are really contravening the creative laws of the universe. You are interrupting a creative process that has been set in motion on many levels.” Mattson added that he would not advocate abortion as a routine method of population control and that family planning should be by birth control before conception.

Silver Birch, a group soul communicating through the trance mediumship of Maurice Barbanell, a London journalist without any religious attachment, was totally opposed to abortion. “From the moment of conception, the spirit has incarnated into a woman’s womb,”  Silver Birch communicated. “When it is aborted, it will continue to be a spiritual body, however immature, and grow and develop. You may have destroyed the means of physical expression, but you have not destroyed the spirit that was there.”

Silver Birch went on to say that those who practice abortion will one day be confronted by the spirits that had attached themselves to the fetus at conception.

Bill Wooton, a World War I victim, frequently communicated through the mediumship of renowned medium Lilian Bailey. “When conception takes place the real soul power has not yet entered the physical form of the child in the womb,” Wooton said. “It is well known that when a woman is pregnant, at the half-way stage she feels the “flutter of life.” There is life before that, but it isn’t spiritually evolved. It is only one of the stages of evolution preparing a physical body in the womb to receive the soul.  Then, in those first four-and-a half months the soul itself prepares, with all the help from our side to enter the physical form in its embryo condition. Within the seventh month it becomes more vigorously alive.”  Wooton did not directly address the abortion issue, but one might infer from what he said that abortion is at least morally contraindicated at some point near the middle of the pregnancy.

Alan Kardec, the famous French educator whose books gave rise to the philosophy known as Spiritism, asked a spirit if the union between spirit and body is definitive at the time of conception. “The union between them is definitive in this sense – namely that no other spirit would replace the one who has been designated for that body. But, as the links which hold them together are at first very weak, they are easily broken, and may be severed by the will of a spirit, who draws back from the trial he had chosen. But, in that case, the child does not live.”

Kardec pressed for a better answer, asking if the fetus has a soul. “The spirit who is to animate it exists, as it were, outside of it; strictly speaking, therefore, it has no soul, since the incarnation of the latter is only in course of being effected; but it is linked to the soul which it is to have.”

Kardec then asked if abortion is a crime. “Every transgression of the law of God is a crime,” came the response. “The mother, or any other, who takes the life of an unborn child, is necessarily criminal; for, by so doing, a soul is prevented from undergoing the trial of which the body thus destroyed was to have been the instrument.”

But what if the mother’s life is endangered by the birth of a child, Kardec questioned. “It is better to sacrifice the being whose existence is not yet complete than the being whose existence is complete,” was the reply.
Kardec also asked if the spirit knows beforehand that the body he has chosen has no chance of living.  “He sometimes knows it, but if he chooses it on this account, it is because shrinks from the trial he foresees.”

In her 1979 book, Life Before Life, Helen Wambach, Ph.D., (below) a psychotherapist, tells of past-life regressions she carried out with 750 patients.  Among the questions she put to them was one having to do with when the soul enters the fetus. “In summary, 89 percent of my subjects expressed the feeling that their consciousness was something separate from that of the fetus, and they did not experience inside the fetus to any degree until at least the sixth month,” Wambach writes. “A majority of the subjects did not experience the fetus until just before birth. Of those who reported joining the fetus from conception to four months, their description indicated they might have also been experiencing in and out of the fetus. Eighty-six percent of all the subjects said that they became aware of the feelings, emotions and even thoughts of their mother before they were born. Many of the subjects said that they were aware of the mother’s feelings because they themselves were not locked into the fetus, but instead seemed to be hovering around it.”



Wambach concluded that the soul “has a choice of which fetus to enter. If one fetus is aborted, apparently it is possible to choose another. In some cases, the soul who will occupy the fetus is in contact with the soul of the mother and can influence her decision regarding abortion.” Her research also indicates that souls “can elect to leave the fetus or the infant’s body and return to the between-life state.” Wambach wondered if the sudden death syndrome in infants is the result of such a decision by the soul.

Those who don’t believe in spirits and those who believe that spirits are all advanced infallible beings will likely have a good laugh at the conflicting explanations here.  I must confess that it is the first time I can recall questioning the teachings of Silver Birch, as I find the words of Wooton and the research of Wambach more consistent with other teachings coming from the spirit world.  Moreover, I lean slightly toward the final conclusion of Mattson relative to motivation.  At the same time, I accept other communication stating that spirits are at various levels of advancement and don’t have all the answers, and further that communication from them can be distorted by the medium’s subconscious mind or by devious earthbound spirits. Clearly, much discernment is required.

Michael Tymn is the author of The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens After We Die, Resurrecting Leonora Piper: How Science Discovered the Afterlife, and Dead Men Talking: Afterlife Communication from World War I.
His latest book, No One Really Dies: 25 Reasons to Believe in an Afterlife is published by White Crow books.

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Very good explanations and I would like to comment that I have read cases of spirits after being aborted by the mother, they are left with a desire for revenge and become spiritual obsessors or harassers of whoever their mother would have been.

Also in the book Nosso Lar or astral city there is a very interesting passage about a spiritual vampire and it is about a woman who promoted and practiced abortions.

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