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No 6 EVP Training with Anabela Cardosa

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Video Six Anabela Cardoso informs on ITC equipment and literature

Video Six Anabela Cardoso informs on ITC equipment and literature

In this segment Anabela shows her SW radios- two Radios Sony ICF- SW 77 and one Radio Sony ICF-SW7600GR. She emphasizes that this kind of powerful radios are aimed at the DRV work but unnecessary for the EVP work, which only requires a soft noise of whatever kind. Anabela connects her radios to the mains (wall power). They are not battery powered although they could be. She feels without any certainty that direct wall power might be an interesting component in this work. She again reports on the frequencies she uses: 11.178kHz, 22.545kHz, 13.250kHz, 250MHz. She recommends potential ITC operators to read a few basic books on EVP/ITC which are important for the understanding and study of this discipline: Friedrich Jürgenson’s Voice Transmissions with the Deceased (Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Firework Edition 2004), Dr Konstantin Raudive’s Breakthrough (Colin Smythe 1971), Hildegard Schäfer’s Théorie et Pratique de la Transcommunication (Ed. Robert Laffont, Paris 1992) or Hildegard Schäfer’s Portuguese translation Ponte entre o Aqui e o Além, (Pensamento, 1992). Anabela restates her dislike of the idea that “hunting for voices” is an entertainment of a minor kind and paraphrases Prof Hans Bender’s opinion on the significance of ITC after his tests with F. Jürgenson, that the phenomenon is perhaps the most important event in the history of mankind. Anabela finishes by announcing the publication of a report on an interesting ITC occurrence: https://itcanabelacardoso.wordpress.c... and begs people interested in this fascinating field of research to keep in mind that our rules here on the Earth are not the same as the next world rules.

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