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No 4 EVP Training with Anabela Cardosa

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VIDEO FOUR: The role of noise (II)

In this presentation Anabela Cardoso continues her exposé about the role of noise in the EVP work. She emphasises the importance of not allowing normal radio emissions to taint the recording by using them as acoustic background support. The use of human voice as noise source, although conducive to positive results because the electronic voices use the “raw material” existent in the environment, is not advisable. The results cannot be shown to a serious audience and they may also provoke acoustic delusions in the EVP operator since it is very easy to mistake a normal sentence extant in the background acoustic support for an anomalous sentence. To avoid the danger of pareidolia, or acoustic delusion, she recommends pre-recording the radios emissions or the streaming that the ITC operator wishes to use in his or her EVP experiments and when the operator thinks that there is an anomalous inclusion, he or she can always check the pre-recorded noise source. She mentions the broad-band radio that she used in her experiments. The text by Carlos Fernández (https://lasvocesdelmasalla.blogspot.com/) on how to modify a radio to receive broad band is published in the ITC Journal and free of cost in the website: www.itcjournal.org The use of a log to write down all the noises produced during the EVP experiment is highly useful. Anabela finishes by announcing the remarkable EVPs obtained by the French operator Marc Montlahuc from the deceased Father François Brune who passed away last January. See: https://www.facebook.com/100013113061...

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