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No 2 in training in EVP

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VIDEO TWO François Brune, a life at the service of God

In this second video Anabela Cardoso pays homage and says good-bye to Father Dr François Brune, the French theologian, writer and psychical researcher who much contributed to the spreading of the ‘good news of grace’ has he used to call ITC and EVP, the electronic communication with the dead. She describes her first encounter and her contacts with this man of God who on the 16th of January lived ‘the happiest day of his life, the day of his death’ as he used to say. François Brune wrote more than thirty books, most of them translated into different languages but none in English because the English publishers did not bother to translate any of his wonderful books, which range from mysticism to the lives of the saints, to Jesus Christ’s teachings, to ITC. This is certainly a pity for readers in the English-speaking world and a great failure in getting valuable information on the so-called paranormal events, which Father Brune personally witnessed throughout the world. Some of his books include: Les morts nous parlent Tome I ; Les morts nous parlent Tome II ; Christ Et Karma: La Reconciliation?; Les miracles et autres prodiges ; Mes entretiens avec les morts ; Le nouveau mystère du Vatican (Le Chronovisor) ; La Vierge de l’Egypte ; La Vierge du Mexique ou le miracle le plus spectaculaire de Marie ; Les miracles et autres prodiges; Les Morts Nous Aiment; A l’Écoute de l’Au-delà (with Prof. Rémy Chauvin). But undoubtedly his most famous book is Les Morts Nous Parlent, a best-seller translated into many languages, including Russian, about ITC. Several of his articles and interviews are published in English in the ITC Journal (www.itcjournal.org). Father Brune also came to an International Conference on the Survival of Death organized by the ITC Journal years ago (See Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Survival of Physical Death with Special Reference to Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) (www.itcjournal.org). His life focused on Jesus Christ’s teachings and ethics and he was a severe critic of the present day Catholic Church. Exactly because of his love for, and respect of, original Christianity principles, at the last times of his life he renounced the Catholic faith and adopted the Orthodox one. He was buried in Paris in a beautiful ceremony at the Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, which can be watched at: https://www.facebook.com/jeanmichel.g... by initiative of his friend Jean-Michel Grandsire, the director of the magazine ParaSciences (http://jmgeditions.fr/index.php). On this beautiful and sad occasion I, Anabela, tell François Brune what he used to tell me at the end of our meetings when we said good-bye, ‘À toujours chère Anabela!’ It is my turn to tell him with gratitude and love: “À toujours cher François!”. We love you.

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