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(Note: In computer programming, the #! code (sh’bang, or hash-bang) alerts the computer that something important is about to happen, followed by an explanation of what needs to happen. A similar process of inspired creation drives the entire cosmos as life-energy from the source shapes the morals and motivations of all living things. In simplistic terms, the source is to the omniverse what “source code” is to a computer. Its life-energy is a sort of cosmic source code that gets compiled or interpreted in different ways as it spreads and devolves into different worlds in different universes throughout the cosmos to forge reality… to manifest the “all-that-is”).a

10a-omni-red.png.80682569bda109a010016556457c76c5.pngBig picture: This is a pulled-apart look at the “all-that-is.” The source emits life-energy that nourishes and sustains everything in all of the countless universes (fine, white circles) with vitality and purpose. From the perspective of the source, everything is sort of superimposed in a way that’s hard for the carnal mind to imagine. Everything’s unique by its vibration (not by its location, timeframe, or appearance, which are all illusory). To make it simpler to understand, we can divide this unimaginably complex reality—the whole shebang—into 7 arbitrary levels that lead from the Earth to the source.

It’s nothing new! We humans have always had this knowledge, em posting two short articles that seem to be the ven if today it’s sometimes forgotten, neglected, misinterpreted, or over-embellished.

Here’s the crux:

  • This article: The source is at the center of everything and is also the totality of all-that-is. It goes by a lot of names—God, Allah, Brahman, Jahweh, Jehoveh, Nirvana, the principle….
  • Next article: Life-energy is the essence of the source that spreads throughout the omniverse to create and nourish everything with vitality, truth, knowledge, and a sense of place and purpose in the all-that-is. This life-energy has a lot of names too—holy spirit, nūr/rūḥ, prana, shakti, kundalini, chi, creative life force, consciousness….

So this article is about the source, and the next article is about life-energy—the essence of the source that spreads, devolves, and adapts interminably to forge the big picture of reality.

If this simple wisdom of the ages is correct—that the source with its life-energy creates and comprises everything—(and I’m pretty sure it’s correct), then understanding it could be a stepping stone to a most favorable lifetime (within the constraints of this illusory and often brutal planet).

Both articles are based on messages from “The Seven” finer spirit beings who were communicating with our INIT group in the late 1990s via phone, radio, computer, and other devices. Most of us came to trust The Seven implicitly—like curious students who come to trust wise, old teachers who are sincere and kind over time—even when their knowledge stretched our minds almost to the boggle point. (The messages are shared at the end as reference material to support the principles of this short article.)


Picture of one of The Seven, delivered in 1997 to our INIT group through the computer of our Luxembourg members, Maggy Fischbach and Jules         2.jpg.875cb1dfb90b92c72aa379f2d58ef4db.jpg

This is a picture of a finer being who identified themself to our INIT group as “Nsitden.” I think it shows two aspects or soul fragments of the being—1) the human-like appearance they present when visiting our departed ancestors at the third level, and 2) a more refined form (to the right) when they’re “at home,” which is probably around the fifth level.

Over the past quarter-century I’ve come to believe that all spirit beings each have a sort of “home frequency” where they feel most peaceful and comfortable, and that The Seven probably are most comfortable around level 5 (see the “big picture” diagram above, in which level 1 contains material universes like ours, level 3 is a paradise existence where most people awaken after they die, and level 5 is at the border between structure and pure, formless consciousness).

The Seven say they can move among many universes and dimensions as they try to support and protect our world, but I suspect they feel most at home around level 5.


One of The Seven told us:

I am not an energy being, not a light being. I was never human, never an animal, and was never incarnate. Neither am I God! You know the picture of two children walking across a bridge. Behind them is a being that protects them. This is what I am to you but without wings. If you insist on giving me a name, call me Technician.”

The Seven concede that although they themselves may seem like angels or gods to us, many beings are more advanced and brilliant than they are, but few of them have an interest in small material worlds like Earth. The Seven themselves have been “assigned to Planet Earth” in order to protect and support us as we struggle to advance spiritually and to find our way back to the source.

So The Seven have accompanied our world across the ages, and they provide some important insights into the nature of the source… God.


They tell us:

  1. Humanity’s fear of death is one of the most distressing aspects of life on Earth, from their (spirit beings’) perspective. Once we humans realize that the eternal source is everything and is at the center of us all, the fear of death starts to disappear from our lives as we become aware of eternal life.
  2. It’s a free-will omniverse, in which we’re all connected to the source, but at the same time we can explore the many possibilities in this dense world that’s so far removed from the source… like a child running away from Mom to explore the playground. Whenever we get sidetracked or sense danger in our world, we can always hurry back to the source for safety, wisdom and peace. We do that by fostering conscious contact, especially through meditation.
  3. Finer beings can intercede between the source and the Earth, though most of them have no interest in worlds like ours. The exception? If we humans have a sincere inner drive to foster conscious contact with the source, then those finer beings are sometimes attracted to us to offer guidance and support.
  4. The source only spreads love, good-will, and other resonant feelings and motivations out-beyond into the omniverse. Human fear, retribution, anger, and other dissonant attitudes are created on Earth—stirred up by predatory and competitive behavior—and it’s a mistake to associate them with the source. In other words, only light is spread by the source, and darkness is stirred up by Earth’s bristling symbiotic relationships. As we foster conscious contact with the source, we can rise above Earth’s darkness and drama.
  5. The source is the entire omniverse, which it actualizes with its life-energy. While it acknowledges its connection to all of the trillions of entities in its creation, it gives no preferential treatment to any of them, not even those whom we consider to be spiritual masters.
  6. The Earth gets a little rough with its dog-eat-dog symbiosis, and occasionally purges itself with an “End Time.” When one of those mega-events happens, the light and darkness on Earth get sort of shuffled together, causing more conflict and confusion during the healing process. As we approach one of those End Times today, again, we can protect ourselves from the drama by fostering conscious contact with the source as conflict and suffering intensify. The path to the source is decency through honesty, which helps to stabilize the world during its upheaval.
(Ironically, science today doesn’t acknowledge the source, but it’s modern scientific knowledge of such things as computer algorithms, frequencies, energy transduction, and multiple dimensions that have made this uncluttered view of the source possible for us humans, and I suspect it’s just a matter of time before we see science transformed accordingly.)

In conclusion, the source is at the heart of everything, creating and nourishing the all-that-is. I think it’s the crux of all existence.

For an extraordinary lifetime on Earth, we can experience the drama while falling deeply, madly, irrevocably in love with the source.

Reference Material

The spirit-world messages below support that simple scenario of the source as “all-that-is,” and add some flesh to that bare-bones axiom. The messages were all received in the 1980s and 90s by Maggy Fischbach and Jules Harsch of Luxembourg, the principle founders and members of INIT, with whom I worked closely at the time, publishing their research.

The main communicators were Maggy in Luxembourg exchanging information with The Seven higher beings in the spirit worlds, especially those identifying themselves as Technician, Ishkumar, and Nsitden. They communicated by phone, computer, and other devices.

  • Maggy was a schoolteacher of children who did groundbreaking spirit communication experiments in her spare time.
  • The Seven described themselves as gatekeepers between our world and a spirit world called Eden or Marduk where most people from Earth awaken after they die. They said they’d been “assigned to Planet Earth.”

So the ITC (instrumental transcommunication) contacts below were delivered from the spirit worlds to Maggy in Luxembourg from The Seven via telephone and computer:

1… Technician via computer text (1992):

Fear of death is one of the most distressing concepts of human culture. It is based on the conscious belief that your bodily existence offers life and security, which it never wants to lose. Fear of death therefore is evidence of the mind having lost its roots. It shows a spiritual being who has far removed itself from its higher self. You owe this mentality largely to an intellectual and scientific way of thinking. It wants all thoughts reduced to a comprehensible level of material existence.

The church also has many difficulties. These days, the churchgoer knows very little about heaven, hell and life after death. Indeed, a large number of them deny these things. Such skepticism, which is most prevalent among those who are wise and worldly, could easily influence and corrupt people of simple faith and pure heart.

Heaven is in man and those who have heaven within themselves go to heaven. Heaven is in all those who recognize what is of God and let themselves be guided by the Divine. The priority and basic concern of every religion is the acknowledgement of God!

Interpretation: By disconnecting intellectually from the source—whether by atheism, agnosticism or simply being preoccupied by material living—we develop a fear of death that our spirit friends see as the most distressing aspect of being human on Earth. Overcoming the fear of death simply involves acknowledging the source, making conscious contact, and following the inner guidance.

2… Technician via phone (1987):

Man forms God according to human images and conceptions. God or the principle is a being which cannot be compared to anything…. The grief and suffering people have to bear is closely connected to free will and personal choice which God’s power has granted to each of us as a great gift. Without free will there is no recognition of truth, which comes from within. Therefore, blind obedience is not what higher powers want. You are living in a time when truth is easily distorted and false speculations about eternal life are quickly passed out as the only truth. God prefers the seeker and those who question. No efforts are spared to advance human thinking and individual initiative from its low animal instincts to a position of spiritual thinking.

Interpretation: Truth and peace come from within us once we realize how to connect with the source. Things on Earth, including our concepts of the source, get convoluted with its troubled symbiosis that’s often competitive, parasitic, and predatory. Simply acknowledge and connect consciously with the source within to transcend the drama.

3… Technician via computer text (1992):

The contacts of spirit beings with Earth are only a partial aspect of ITC (instrumental transcommunication). They should serve as proof that you will live forever and have a higher calling. Higher beings are not particularly interested in contacts between dimensions, but they support it because they can bring man closer to the realization of eternal life and the principle or being that you call God, Yahweh or Nirvana.

Interpretation: The source (God) is everything. Once we realize it’s the fundamental part of us, living becomes more important and purposeful, and dying becomes less important because we’ll resume living in much finer spiritual realities after a lifetime. That spiritual advancement is about the only interest finer beings have in worlds like ours that are far removed from the source.

4… Ishkumar via computer text (1997)

Children of Earth – People of Terra

Today we want to talk about misunderstood esoterics and about messages which want to make some of you feel that God not only has a special love for you, but that you are able to encounter him face to face. These people do not consider themselves as children of Adam and Eve, and do not think they are the results of an evolution. They think of themselves as special children of God. They equate creation with the fall of man. In their eyes, sometimes unconsciously, the innocent unborn fetus becomes more precious than the children that have been born into a world of “sin”.

The problems of this world seem meaningless to them and poverty and grief are hardly worth their attention. They close their eyes from what is happening on planet Earth, what is happening now with your brothers in Africa, the racism, the dangers of a simmering, intolerant Islamic world and the unholy and unnecessary religious wars which still persist.

They turn away from the real abominations threatening this Earth: the manipulation of genetics*, cloning, and the objectionable experiments with living organisms… They ignore torture and spiritual oppression which still occur daily on your globe. They are only concerned with their own problems which are often rather small and have little bearing on their fellow human beings. They lose what should be most important in their lives – the loyalty to their brothers and sisters.

Everyone should believe what he/she considers the truth. We give you no doctrines and no commandments, we only recommend that you try to live in harmony with the universe. That can only happen when you become aware that pleasing words of love and peace are not enough if the true spirit is missing. Only if you live what you proclaim about love and harmony, shall you find true inner peace.

We, whom you call the rainbow people, shall help you on your way.

Ishkumar – One of the Seven

Interpretation: The source at the center of everything fills the omniverse with love, harmony, and knowledge. Bristling motivations like fear, anger, and retribution are created on Earth and shouldn’t be attributed to the source.
* The Seven’s aversion to genetic experiments and cloning (which today seem to hold some promise for our future) might come from their memories of terrible hybrid experiments that took place in Atlantis.10d-hybrids.png.f60212d8e5afb91483966647c6cf08b9.png

5… Ishkumar via computer text (1996):

Many Earth people mistakenly perceive God as a person or an individual entity. God is not a person but the highest principle of life, as well as the absolute reality. He, or it, is the absolute unity and the absolute, unlimited and all-encompassing omniverse. As a limitless entity, the omniverse can never be one of the creative individuals who are numerous in the cosmos.

Nor is it tenable that there is a single Son of God for the entire cosmos. Jesus Christ, today a part of Pescator, has never described himself as such.

Since God, ultimately, is everything, and everything is God, it makes no difference which religion you belong to. There is only one universal truth which can be found through the path of decency. For those who follow eternal principles, the doors to freedom are open.

Signed, Ishkumar

Interpretation: The source is not an individual entity, but the culmination of everything as it creates and nourishes everything throughout the omniverse. Finer beings like The Seven, while residing at a home frequency (probably around level 5) can also present themselves at various other levels as soul fragments, or aspects of themselves. One of these finer beings (and I’m not sure if it’s one of The Seven) currently presents an aspect as Pescator in the level 3 paradise called Eden (and at the same time presents as “Sananda,” a refined extraterrestrial who supports humanity from behind the scenes, probably around level 2). That same being presented as Jesus of Nazareth during his short lifetime on Earth (at level 1)

6… Technician via computer text (1996):

We have often given you the real purpose of ITC contacts: Mankind at the end time should be led back to the principle. Light and darkness shall unite and form a whole again. What people experience now is not the actual beginning of the apocalypse, but only the first symptoms of it. Before opposites can be united, the strength of unity among ITC people must increase and come from a pure heart.

Interpretation: Humanity is apparently approaching another in a succession of “End Times” characterized by pandemics, Earth changes, and widespread violence and drug abuse. Refining our understanding of the source and aligning to its decency, while giving up our preoccupation with the material dramas of Earth, will attract a lot of help from finer realms of spirit in the troubled times ahead. If a network of people can refine themselves to become immune to Earth’s material dramas while collaborating in love, trust, and good-will, then they will establish a stable portal through which unlimited knowledge and love can stream into our world through our technical equipment That is, ITC will be a possibility on Earth, as we INIT members experienced it for a few years in the 1990s.

The Source by Any Other Name

Humans have always been aware of a creative force at the center of everything. Here are a few of the names that we humans have given to the source:

Major world religions today:

  • God (Christians)
  • Allah (Muslims)
  • Brahman (Hindus)
  • Nirvana (Buddhists… there’s some debate among Buddhists about whether Nirvana is a creative entity that some people call God or whether it’s just God-consciousness and there is no God-entity, but there’s really a very fine line between the two concepts, as the big picture diagram suggests.)
  • Jahweh or Jehovah (Jews)

Localized religions:

  • Gitche Manitou (Algonquins, North America)
  • Wakan Tanka or Great Mystery (Lakotas, North America)
  • Modimo (Tswanas, southern Africa)
  • Jah (Rastafarians)

Major religions of the past:

  • Ahura Mazda (Zoroastrians)
  • Shangdi/Tian (Taoists)
  • Ra (Egyptians)
  • Marduk (Babylonians)
  • Ansur (Assyrians)
  • Nammu (Sumerians)

As cultures and religions evolved, they assigned lots of imaginative qualities to the source, often giving it a familiar human or animal appearance with superhuman powers that got tangled up in Earth’s symbiotic relationships—from motherly love to a warrior’s ferocity. Some descriptions of the source became so elaborate that mainstream science today tends to dismiss it all as myth and legend.

Still, I believe that the clear, simple essence of the source, and the omniverse it sustains, shines through it all… eternally.


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I personally have found Marks website to be filled with so much wonderful and valuable information that we'd all benefit from. Thank you for sharing this bit of important information here; helping others to understand a more deeper understanding of "God"(source), and what we consider "angelic beings". Bless!

Kevin Himes

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