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Stochastic Resonance

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The following is from a correspondence between myself and Michael Lee. Some people in this forum have posted theories that are similar to Stochastic Resonance, but nobody has addressed it directly.  


Steve Glanz wrote:

SR has been a popular theory in ITC for a while. Dithering and SR are related, but not exactly the same. This paper tries to make them equivalent, but the comments make distinctions and are worth reading for the references. I think SR would be a fruitful avenue for you to explore with ITC signal processing.  https://www.researchgate.net/publication/12278756_Stochastic_resonance_as_dithering

Some references on stochastic reference and EVP, this one from a paper by Senkowski:


Another stochastic reference from this Dutch researcher. I quote some translated passages:

"Since 2005 I have been able to significantly improve my EVP research by applying a new recording method I developed: the Digital Noise Generating (DNG), based on stochastic resonance.

In short, this digital microphone recording method means that by random noise resonance in the form of sliding sounds, after amplification and noise reduction, these sound signals resonating with the background noise increase in amplitude and in the process are transformed into intelligible voices."

It seems that these visible and digitally recordable paranormal phenomena show the same (quantum physical) basic principle as my DNG method, namely the so-called stochastic resonance of elementary particles, whereby both audible and visible paranormal phenomena can be registered in the wave movements of these particles."

Henry Stapp's theory is compatible with both stochastic resonance (in the form of Quantum Zeno effect) and survival:


Quote from Tom Butler (email correspondence) on Stochastic Resonance:

"The outward effect of PK is just that, an effect. The influence from unconscious-conscious self is the cause. We know in EVP, which is a PK effect, that stochastic amplification is at least sometimes part of the process. In that, a small signal is amplified as a soliton-like wave. We see those in the ocean now and then.

If stochastic amplification is able to amplify a small PK signal for EVP, I think a similar effect occurs in the brain to convert a small signal to something like inverse PK. Scientists seldom say a neuron fired to produce vision. They say a region of the brain lighted up. A large array of firing neurons produces the environment for stochastic amplification. The neurons may not actually have to produce sight, just the energetic environment to permit a small signal to be sufficiently present as a PK influence. It is in the nonphysical perceptual processes that sight is developed and conveyed to conscious self.

I am doing a little hand waving when it comes to PK but one must begin somewhere. PK is clearly an influence. EVP stochastic amplification is just a process. The actual etheric-physical interface is the information represented by the PK influence as it interacts with the information represented by the broad spectrum signal required for amplification."

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