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White Noise in Recorded Reiki Session

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I have Reiki done on a regular basis and typically record the sessions with my iPhone. I have noticed that during the past two sessions in September, when I play it back, the voices of myself and the Reiki practitioner are muted and parts of the sentences are not audible. I should note that I have been going to Reiki for the past three years and recording during the past six months.

There seems to be white noise in the background, and a constant pulse - meep, meep, meep. In this session, the pulse moves into what I would identify as sounding like rushing water, and there seems to be a third women's voice that is speaking, although the words are not distinguished. 

I have checked the components of my phone for any anomalies and have experimented with its recording ability and speakers by recreating the distance between the phone and myself, and in doing this, there is no other interference.

This is puzzling to me. Is there software available that I can use personally to slow down the frequencies, and in doing so, be able to discern what is being picked up.

Thank you.

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