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A video about the Nahuales


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I made a video a while ago about the Nahuales, they are psychics who can transform into animals (usally very large ones or even humanoid shaped). In Latin America the stories about them are plenty, specially on rural areas, in fact I know a medium who deals with them every now and then....I used to think they were fantasy but after hearing all the testimonies from many people I have changed my mind...  I have been told that some of them do it via their astral body during a trance, making him animal shaped and solid.... 

Maybe this could explain some of the cryptozoo creatures and why they are so elusive .........    (turn on the subtitles for english subs )


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Where I live there is a very popular local radio program that only airs in October and November (around Halloween and the Day of the Dead), in this program people call to tell their paranormal experiences and every day there are stories about sighting of nahuals or even of attacks and some of how when they killed a strange animal the next day a dead naked person woke up in that place with the wounds that the animal had.

There are also many accounts of how many of these nahuales or witches attacked small unbaptized babies and how they saved them just in time.

What is surprising is the number of stories and how they all have elements in common.

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I just clicked on the banner that was located in the bottom  of these forums (afterlifedata) and I clicked on the reincarnation section, then on the reincarnation as animals and there  I found this:

“ There is nothing to prevent a personality from investing a portion of his own energy into an animal form. This is not transmigration of souls. It does not mean that a man can be reincarnated in an animal. It does mean that personalities can send a portion of their energy into various kinds of form.

— Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, Jane Roberts
pg. 307, 1994 “

So I think it kinds of validate this phenom or at least add to it....

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