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Graphite - Oil experiments

Andres Ramos



Another thing I wanted to try out was the sound of carbon particles immersed in oil. The oild adds better insulation of the carbon particles to the compound and I expected the sound to be more calm. So I prepared another glass vessel, drilled holes for thumbtack electrodes I glued in, filled it with graphite powder and added Ballistol oil, a high quality oil that is not gummying.

In fact the sound was more steady an calm. With 40V DC bias at the cell I got a nice smooth noise signal with a soft overlay of spiky voices.


Raw Export Graphite-Oil: Graphite Oil.mp3

Processed (Reverb and denoising)  Export Graphite Oil:Graphite Oil - Processed.mp3

I heard some very personal messages in german, one predicted a heart attack for me, but I leave it up to to make your own interpretation and put them all here as a list.


Some messages had a very actual context for me. One said "Look to the window". My desk is directly in front of the room window. Then I was told I now learned my lesson very well to trust my inner feelings, what is entirely true. I also received one message that said "It will be like faxing". Actually I am working on a software named "SpiritFax" since a while and maybe this message was addressing it. 

Another one told me I would become  a "navigator" in november and the most stunning one was "Works good with the varnish". For a moment I was confused but then I realized they were addressing the oil! Ballistol oil has the color of amber and if you don't know what it is it looks like varnish!

Ballistol Oil


Graphite Oil.mp3 Graphite Oil - Processed.mp3


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