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About this blog

This is a blog about my ongoing research about the paranormal properties of carbon. In the last years I thoroughly investigated the use of carbon particles and their ability to produce noise and receive spirit voices. More than once I thought this quest has come to an end and I started something new. Nevertheless always incidents came up that led me back to carbon. Finally I got a message from the spirits, brought to me from another person, I should continue my reserches with carbon, it would turn out as very important some day.

Carbon is a very special element. Electrically it is a semiconductor. Under certain conditions it emitts strong noise that seems to be bound to quantum tunneling effects. Chemically carbon and silicon are very similar and show almost the same bonding facilities. Biologically carbon is the central building block of life that is based on organic chemistry whre carbon is the crucial element. It comes in the soft form of graphite and the hardness of diamants. While carbon itself is not very agile it can bond to various other elements, forming an immeasurable number of substances.

This blog is a continuation of my thread "Carbon Again" you find here: Carbon Again!

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Graphite - Oil experiments

Another thing I wanted to try out was the sound of carbon particles immersed in oil. The oild adds better insulation of the carbon particles to the compound and I expected the sound to be more calm. So I prepared another glass vessel, drilled holes for thumbtack electrodes I glued in, filled it with graphite powder and added Ballistol oil, a high quality oil that is not gummying. In fact the sound was more steady an calm. With 40V DC bias at the cell I got a nice smooth noise signal with a

Andres Ramos

Andres Ramos in itc

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