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NTC Images by reflection of structures in water

Andres Ramos


Another very interesting way to obtain spirit images is the use of structure reflection in moving water. Again the moving water waves on the surface of the lake are the driving energy. The water is reflecting imgages from everything that surrounds the lake, mostly these are trees. In winter, the bare twigs and sticks of a tree are giving a perfect structure to be worked upon by the distorting forces of the water.


When you take single pictures or even better a small movie you are disassembling later into single frames you will see weird structures coming up the more you zoom in on the images. There is really a point when your mind starts to flip into surreal perception.


It needs some good luck to obtain good images. Again these images were part of the first glimpses of the spiritual world I got before I even started with ITC. I took some shots of plants growing around a small lake near my flat just because they were beautiful. Later I zoomed in by accident a little too much on one of those images and got petrified of what I suddenly saw!

The first impression were not really images of faces or bodys but already something that appeared as structures. As if a painter was trying to draw something not really perfect. This lookes like a map of a landscape with a river running through it.


Then figures appeared as blurred outlines of bodies in a row like a family



Now things started to become really weird as i discovered lots of animal like, dog faced beings aligned around the rims of a dark area



Here in more detail. You can clearly see a fat something like a mixture between dog and pig with hanging cheeks. It is surrounded by more dog-like beings.



The blurry shape of a slender woman with long hair in the middle of the picture. Right to her is the big head of a dog taking about half of the picture.



Another shape of a tall person in the middle of the picture. Probably a woman with an indication of breasts. To her left is a big laughing face and to her right another smaller person raising his/her arms into the air as if he/she was greeting me. Both seem to "grow" out of the ground.



The "bearded man". I use him as my logo. He has black hair, a black beard, you can see his neck and he is wearing a kind of a poncho.



Right of the blue encircled area you can see a creature looking like kermit the frog but deceased. In the blue circle there are totem like figures.



Doesn't this look like the outlines of a big ancient city with houses built into the flanks of a mountain? Maybe the upcoming city of the new Jerusalem.












Maybe now you can understand why I think water has magic properties. I think water is a portal to the otherworld and it's transdimensional power is lurking in every lake, pond or puddle your are unconsciously passing by. Even a drop of water is magic!








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