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About this blog

This blog is dedicated to a field that does not match the current categorization structure of this site. I named it "Natural Transcommunication".

Natural Transcommunication is Instrumental Transcommunication without instruments. More clearly it's observing natures utterances in sound and image and looking for spirit manifestations. These can be found in the sound of a babbling creek or wind or in the reflections of twigs on the surface of a lake. To be exactly it's not strictly transcommunication without instruments since digital voice recorders, cameras and processing software will be used but the process of acquiring  the signals is not bound to instruments in terms of opening a channel to the hereafter. This is all done by nature itself.

In my eyes Natural Transcommunication (NTC) is a kind of modern shamanism because in ancient times shaman priest were able to contact the spiritual world by carefully looking at natures phenomenons.

Entries in this blog

The voice of the trees

Recently I saw a documentary about the british actress Judy Dench. What I did not know was that besides of being the boss of James Bond as "M" in many JB movies, Judy is doing a lot of private research about the nature, life and social behaviour of trees. She is collaborating with lots of scientists helping her to understand how trees are are growing, the social relationships they are building up with other trees, plants and fungus and how they communicate. In that documentary I saw how a biolog

Andres Ramos

Andres Ramos in NTC

NTC Images by reflection of structures in water

Another very interesting way to obtain spirit images is the use of structure reflection in moving water. Again the moving water waves on the surface of the lake are the driving energy. The water is reflecting imgages from everything that surrounds the lake, mostly these are trees. In winter, the bare twigs and sticks of a tree are giving a perfect structure to be worked upon by the distorting forces of the water. When you take single pictures or even better a small movie you are disas

Andres Ramos

Andres Ramos in NTC

Spirit images in light reflected by moving water

1. Basic principles of used technique This was the first experiment I did with NTC 2 years ago. I noticed that the light of the sun, reflected by the tiny waves on the surface of a lake gave some kind of "light pumping" process. I focused the digital camera in my smartphone on this sport of light that was permanently oscillating between bright light and darkness due to the motion of the waves. After taking a short movie of some seconds I disassembled the movie into single frames by using th

Andres Ramos

Andres Ramos in NTC

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