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Spirit images in light reflected by moving water

Andres Ramos




1. Basic principles of used technique

This was the first experiment I did with NTC 2 years ago. I noticed that the light of the sun, reflected by the tiny waves on the surface of a lake gave some kind of "light pumping" process. I focused the digital camera in my smartphone on this sport of light that was permanently oscillating between bright light and darkness due to the motion of the waves. After taking a short movie of some seconds I disassembled the movie into single frames by using the app  Grabi. Then I analyzed every frame. After a while I noticed that every time the light went from brightness to darkness something showed up that appeared to be faces or face-like structures.


2. Some examples

To give you an impression of what the effect looks like I put some simple examples here.



I used moderate post processing with a standard image editor (irfanview), enhanced the contrast, regulated the brightness down and did some sharpening.


3. Faces in water

In these experiments I could catch some fairly good images that showed more face-like properties and some even had a personal characteristic.

This face looks a bit like the head of a robot.



A distorted face of someone looking at you.



This man immediately reminded me of Lenin! 



One of the best images I could get. It shares some similarities with Friedrich Jurgenson. However this might be wishful thinking.






Basically this is the same "setup" used when you are taking shots from agitated water in a bowl, the bowl is just bigger and the agitation is done by wind.



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