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8-17-21 Spiricom Take the Present Memories..So that other people

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Today's clip was recorded after 4 hours of singing with my guitar friend.

In this segment spirit is encouraging me to share publicly. They would like me to explain the techniques behind energy building. Singing is one of them.

Their goal is for me to explain to have other people understand the dynamics behind this "Psychic phone." It's an experiment for now, we hope we can continue to refine it.

It is commonly known that singing is a component of physical mediumship to build energy for phenomena. Not only that, but it raises the vibration of the experimenter. 

While technical knowledge has assisted me, the personal evolution of developing myself spiritually is largely responsible for this seeming success. It has not been a quick journey, mine started in 2005.

They would like to encourage people to duplicate the experience of listening to a stream using the power of Psychic attunement- something everyone can do, and soon - we will be able to measure. You're already doing this - whether you are aware of it or not. 

It is our hope that as we slowly begin to explain the practice of attunement, and how the experimenters energy field combines with physical devices, that people will start to view themselves as active co-creators of phenomena, not just observers.

The more we develop, the more in tune with our devices we become, the closer we come to the memory of who we are,  what we're capable of, and that we are all spirit. You're the radio.

Tune the dial in.

They want you to know that music plays an important role, just like meditation, in the formation of phenomena.


"...You have to take this present memory its very positive so that other people..analyze the formula...it is hard."

You can experiment yourself here: 


Please keep in mind that the streams change whenever I continue development. 


8-17-21Youhavetotakethispresentmemoryitsverypositivesothatotherpeople..analyzetheformula.it is hard Stream5 .wav

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