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Hello everyone, here is a short clip of me tuning voice from a current live experiment. 

In this clip I demonstrate that once sound is amplified/energized and then voice is manually shaped similar to human specifications then a voice appears.

Spiricom has led many people to assume that a human voice can be reproduced using 13 tones. In a way they were right. But the key is to first look at Bill O'Neil's Spiricom clips where we can hear voice as well as looking at real human voice.

Human voice is very complex and rich in harmonics. All of the harmonics should not be the same, as was clearly evident by the way you see me tune each harmonic for the desired outcome. 

I propose that when a noise source (influenced by both spirit and the combination of the experimenter's psychic energy field) is tuned and shaped properly that we now have the technology and some of the knowledge to begin to explore how we may establish sustained communication with spirit.

As to who we can connect with, how, why, and when - those questions still need to be very carefully explored.

The principle is rather simple:

A. Human focus of intent and psychic influence upon an energy field.

B. Amplification and "energizing" of the source via technology. 

C. Shaping of the voice

Now, shaping of the voice may be able to happen at the source - we're still working this backwards to reverse engineer and define all of the principles. 

Most people focus on imitating Spiricom. As did I. I would like to make the suggestion that the true question is: whether Bill O'Neil used an electrolarynx or not...what is it about the Spiricom recordings that allowed it to sound like human voice?

From there we can take the next step and figure out how to improve or replicate a Spiricom voice.

Then, we learn to shape it, to conform it. To shape the energy.

And the variable we are still learning is: to what degree does the experimenter have an influence? Is it absolutely necessary to have an operator? Or can one person or a large group of people create an energy field and create something in human consciousness that then becomes possible because more of us learn to believe that spirit communication is possible?

I say it is. And that's what our team will continue to endeavor to demonstrate and figure out.

(I do 90% of my experimenting from my cell phone- something I'm so glad is available and which really shows how far technology has come 🙂



8-14-21 Clip Raudive Spiricom 17..Edison...that is why.wav

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