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 Note:  Reprinted without corrections of modern 2021 editing standards.  Karyn
Highlights of this issue:
39 William Crookes biography Barry WileComments 
43 Mesmeric Mediumship: The casof EmmDr. Carlos S. Alvarado 
52 AutobiographicaSketch – Ernesto Bozzano 
51930Scottish medium photographein infrared
 54 The origin oAllaKardec’s “Spirits Book” – AnnBlackwell
 5What wathe firsSpiritualist Newspaper?  Leslie Price
 5Reminiscenceof remarkable medium – H. A. Dallas
 59 Mr. W.H. Terry: pioneeAustraliaSpiritualis– BanneoLigh
67 Books for sale 
68 How to obtain this Journal by email
===============================================================================================================                 In thlast issue,we changed from Psypioneer Newsletter, to Psypioneer Journaland introduced our new logo.Unfortunately, some subscribers received their journal with the wrong Psypioneerest. date, stating it as 2005; this should have read est. 2004
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