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Here is today's sample from shortwave radio at 150Khz in Tampa, Florida US.

At low frequencies like this lightning appears quite readily especially here on the summer days.

One could theorize that every single one of these bursts may be a lightning strike somewhere in this part of the world. And they may be right.

But the voice impingements are interesting.

I've heard many over the years and tend to keep an open mind. An untrained observer may immediately assume demons, but that would merely be a conditioned response.

Is it my "spirit team" on this channel too just like the other channels? If so, does the low frequency longwave make it harder for them to work with?

Or is it aliens who may just happen to sound that way? Maybe it's simply someone's natural expression.

Or...it could be just lightning. 

There's also fainter voices impinging on the electrical interference.

Point is...Best to keep an open mind 🙂


8-13-21 150Khz Shortwave voices.mp3

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