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Hello everyone, I would like to begin sharing audio clips on a regular basis and becoming more active on the forum where all of you interesting people are.

In 2016 while trying to perfect radio audio using filters and VST plugins I accidentally created a stream that was all software generated. It used EVPMaker in live mode which chopped up my experimental tones. And the first "synthetic stream" was born. No radio. No external input.

And we've been streaming variations of synthetic audio streams live to the internet ever since.

Since then there have been at least 50 versions, with each version improving on the last.

At first I only confided in 3 people. Because I was hearing voices on a level which was fantastic but didn't fit the norm of EVP. And each person that listened to the streams either didn't hear anything, or they heard their own version of voices.

Over time I have learned that there is a psychic component.

As well as an energy field component of the experimenter. 

As well as techniques that seem to indicate there are related scientific discoveries. 

I've spent thousands of hours building this connection. When I go to sleep at night (for the last 4 years) I always fall asleep listening to a live stream (not usually "synthetic" or man-made. 


At this time the audio has improved (as well as my assumed partially developed clairaudience) enough that along with much encouragement from Spirit communicators and my "spirit team" I can now share publicly.

Sometimes I'll share phrases that I interpret, sometimes I'll share words. I'm not interested in proving my interpretations are correct at this time. But I will endeavor and continue to strive to demonstrate that the technology and personal connection are both used in tandem, and I will begin to share publicly.

 In today's clip from Stream 3 (available here on this website) I recorded the following clip.

The words you may be able to hear include:

"Helping, channel, controlling"

Technique: noisegen.exe playing white noise, then into audiomulch, then out into a series of VST filters in VSThost.

As far as setup of audiomulch I'm not going to divulge the entire technique at this time due to development and concerns surrounding intellectual property and the future of this organization. 



8-10-21 Spirimulch WN personal helping channel controlling.mp3

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