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David first walked into a Spiritualist Church in England in 1977 at the age of 17, and from that point over the last 44 years he has met some wonderful people and shared some experiences which have without doubt shaped his life as a committed Spiritualist. He joined the Spiritualists’ National Union in 1984 and began working as a platform medium in that year. He was ordained as an SNU Minister in 2012 and was honored to be elected the President of the SNU in July 2010. Through-out the last eleven years he has worked tirelessly to promote a better understand of Spiritualism in many forums. He has also worked as part of a team to transform the Spiritualists’ National Union and fit it for the twenty first century. He is passionate about Spiritualism because he sees the good it can do and the potential it has in our world.

September 4th, 2:00 pm Eastern Time, 7:00 London Time. $25 payment can be made in the sidebar to the right.

Mediumship: The Voice of the Spirit for the Modern World

The practice of mediumship is fundamental to the religion of Spiritualism though its practice in one form or another has been evident in the history of humanity since the dawning of time. Personal evidential messages from departed souls can bring about such a change to our lives and help us deal with grief, loss and transform our thinking and mental health such is the power of the message. It is very evident that our world has changed since the March 2020 and the experiences we have lived through are in some respects unprecedented in modern human history. I will consider the following questions as part of the lecture:

  • Does mediumship have a wider message than that of personal evidence?
  • Accepting that the way we develop our mediumship has changed is this for the better?
  • How do we measure the quality of mediumship?
  • In a society which is largely predicated on better communication and media does mediumship still have a place?
  • Does main stream science and academia understand mediumship?
  • Once we have received our personal evidence where do we go from here?

“I hope to share my perspective on the above and more drawn from my experience as a Spiritualist and look forward to our virtual meeting which I hope will promote a greater understanding of Spiritualism and its place in the modern world.”


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