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Adam Berry is a modern-Picture1.jpg.440c703ee7c7861936ef4dde05ff2424.jpgday spiritualist medium with traditional values, who grew up in and around Lancashire. Adam was awarded the Spiritualists’ National Union’s prestigious Gordon Higginson Memorial Scholarship Award in 2016 and has since been awarded a certificate of recognition with them (CSNU) in both speaking and demonstrating.

Adam is known for his compassion and dedication in serving others, and searching for proof of survival of the soul after physical death. This belief has led him to seek the very highest of standards in mediumship and knowledge of the soul & spirit. From experiences as a young child, his desire and drive to gain knowledge led him to study at the Arthur Findlay college, the world-renowned college for the advancement of spiritualism and psychic sciences, which opened his mind and spiritual development further. He continues to study to this day in order to be of service.

September 25th, 9:00 am EST, 2:00 pm London Time. $25 US payment can be made by going to sidebar on the right.

The Collective Expression of Consciousness

Understanding the fundamental elements of PSYCHIC AND SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT is key to unfolding the gifts of the spirit.  We shall look at the following:    

  • • A need for common-sense.
  • • Types of Psychic influences
  • • The dynamics of intuition
  • • Psychism/Mediumship a stern reality
  • • Telepathy from the Departed
  • • Inspirational writing
  • • A sensory gift Psychometry 
  • • Revelations of wonder
  • • Experiencing the delights of new friend’s unseen

We shall briefly investigate some of these basic elements of awareness and development.


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