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Life after Life Blog July 2021 ~Dr Raymond Moody

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                               LIFE AFTER LIFE BLOG DIGEST JULY 2021





Meditating as a Means of Connection

by Devi Allen
Have you ever felt like you’re just a part of a bigger story that’s playing out before your very own eyes? Have you ever felt such a potent memory of a moment that just took place – as if you’ve seen it in a dream before – déjà vu. Have you ever imagined the universe as the neurons firing in the brain of God?

There are countless perspectives, thoughts and perceptions regarding who we are, how we got here and what’s actually taking place in this human existence. What a marvelous mystery to behold – the complexity of our various experiences and perspectives. The common theme throughout humanity is a deep desire to know, to discover truth and to explore those perceived truths. In the exploration of the mysteries of life, surrender is truly healthy to incorporate as we weave together our beliefs.


Inner Awakening with Devi Allen

Enjoy this short video blog from Devi Allen!

You can view the video HERE.

latrach-med-jamil-V9248B0hKDY-unsplash-1-2048x1351.jpgIs There Life After Death?

by Dr. Raymond Moody
That is a question which humanity has been asking itself ever since there have been humans. Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to raise this question before a sizable number of audiences.

These groups have ranged from classes in psychology, philosophy, and sociology through church organizations, television audiences, and civic clubs to professional societies of medicine. On the basis of this exposure, I can safely say that this topic excites the most powerful of feelings from people of many emotional types and walks of life.


1kees-streefkerk-Adl90-aXYwA-unsplash__1_.jpg.4734998409cbc44190b0aa10d0757494.jpgFriendship: A Soul Planning Perspective

by Alicia Young
Quick! Name three friends over the course of your life.

Consider who came to mind. Maybe a grade-school pal? College roommate? Your maid of honor or best man?

Have you considered that they came into your life by design?

Expressly, by your design?

Some years ago, I experienced a transformative OBE (out-of-body experience) on which I went to the Other Side. I met the soul of a little boy (‘Bobby’), who had a loving message for his grieving parents; I was no more than a go-between. I was allowed to observe one of Bobby’s pre-birth Soul Planning sessions. I watched in quiet awe as he chose his parents, his siblings—even his birth order. In short, Bobby was considering an upcoming life which featured a mix of physical and intellectual limitations.

luca-micheli-r9RW20TrQ0Y-unsplash.jpgThe Last Dance – Thoughts on End of Life and “Chosen Death”

by Dr. Kenneth Ring
Half a lifetime ago – I was in the summer of my life then – I was running the newly formed International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) at the University of Connecticut. It was at that time that I became acquainted with a then noted anthropologist named Virginia Hine who was one of the first persons to become a member of this organization. We hit it off immediately and soon became good, even loving, friends.

Over the years, our letters grew warm and loving despite the fact that we were never able to meet. She mostly divided her time between her home in Florida and her organization, Rites of Passage, in California. Whenever I traveled to Florida, she seemed to be in California, and vice versa. Once, when she came to Connecticut, I was away myself. We came to joke about our mismatched schedules. The closest we ever came to meeting face to face was a single telephone call. I remember that she had a beautiful voice.

When one day I received a letter from Ginny informing me that she had decided to choose the manner and time of her death, and that the time was coming quite soon, I was stunned. I had not known or suspected her plans. I remember thinking, “Now we will never meet!”

410U8bDtrSL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgAvailable Now

In his new book, Dr. Raymond Moody looks at God and how his personal understanding of the Creator has changed over the course of his life and research into near-death experiences.

Dr. Moody organizes his insights about God into 12 simple but profound ideas and walks us through them using stories and examples from his own life and from accounts of encounters with God in the hereafter.

He looks at our society's beliefs about God, how religion can both help and hinder our relationships with the Divine, and how we can bring Source into our lives with a new understanding that transcends all limits.

God Is Bigger Than the Bible is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback. For more information click HERE.










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