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New participants in science studies needed by IONS


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What are IONS scientists exploring? How can you get involved? Thanks to popular demand, IONS is launching a new Science Alert email communication to keep you in the loop. You’ll learn about the results of completed studies, new studies getting underway, and special opportunities to take part in IONS research projects. And as always, you can choose which types of emails you prefer to receive from IONS by visiting the email preferences page.


Participants Needed for a Lucid Dreaming Study Focused on Healing PTSD

Can lucid dreams have a measurably positive impact on PTSD and other stress-related issues? A new study led by IONS researcher Garrett Yount, PhD, is seeking participants who are experiencing PTSD. The study will involve participation in an intensive workshop in which they will learn, use, and respond to lucid dreaming techniques. Read More


Seeking Study Participants for Research into the Impact of Reiki Healing

Reiki healing involves a transfer of healing energy through the hands of a practitioner to facilitate a self-recovery response. Does Reiki really work? IONS is about to launch a double-blind placebo-based study to explore and help to answer that question. Participants with physical or emotional pain are invited to volunteer for a Reiki experience. Read More




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