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EVP newsletter of Alan Cleaver distributed with permission by Isaac Koi

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Now online - EVP Newsletter (Electronic Voice Phenomena) - Alan Cleaver (UK, 1970s-1980s)

Alan Cleaver has kindly given me permission to upload scans of his "EVP Newsletter", which was devoted to "Electronic Voice Phenomena".

Alan Cleaver published EVP Newsletter when he was a teenager. Alan no longer has an interest in EVP but mentioned to me that "there's probably some important historical information in there - not least a letter from EVP pioneer Friedrich Jurgenson; quite a scoop for a wannabe journalist".

Alan Cleaver went on to become one of the founders of ASSAP

The AFU in Sweden has helpfully scanned most issues of this newsletter. A few gaps remain (particularly issues 1-4). As always, I'd welcome hearing from anyone that can help fill in the gaps.

The searchable scans are at the link below.
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