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long version of Zammit Global gp with Walter Semkiw's work on Ian Stevenson


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Dr. Semkiw talks about his website www.reincarnationresearch.com which presents the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson in easy to follow format. It also presents work he has been doing with psychic medium Kevin Ryerson who channels Ahtun Re, an entity who is able to validate details of people's previous lives. He explains that news reports of UFOs are opening people's minds to new paradigms and making them more open to reincarnation - something that he sees is important for human evolution. “As reincarnation research shows we can change religion, nationality and race from one lifetime to another, evidence of reincarnation will help us transcend tribal mindset and bring greater world peace.” His presentation is followed by questions. See his website www.reincarnationresearch.com



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