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Mickey gets Chatty with sitters with Leslie Flint

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Male: What’s one of your songs then Mickey?
Mickey: My songs?
Male: Yes that you used to sing when you were selling your papers
Mickey: Oh I never sang when I sold my papers
Male: Didn’t you?
Male: What did you used to say
Mickey: What
Male: What did you use to say, how did you say it? What paper did you sell?
Female: How did you use to cry your papers as they call it in London?
Mickey: Late Star Final!
Mickey: Read All About It! (Laughter and general chat)
Male: Well that’s taken him off Mickey: What’s taken him off? (Laughter)
Male: My mum used to live in Camden Town, Mickey
Mickey: What am I supposed to do?
Male: Say Oh! Female: Did she?
Mickey: It was before my time was it?
Male: No, I would say after your time
Mickey: Did she go the Mother Red Cap?
Male: I wouldn’t be at all surprised Mickey: And the Wales, Prince of Wales. Cos that was a regular pub that was. And so was the Mother Red Cap cos my mum used to go in them two. I used to know (unintelligible). Oh Christ. The old girls cos they were different then. Used to go oh blimey. When they come out, blimey. I saw two women fighting once outside the Prince of Wales. Oh shhhh, it was a horrible sight.
Male: Things have changed now Mickey: Bobby (?). What a chap he was. Used to clean out the news (?) and that in the mornings (?), but I couldn't resist watching him when we (?).Cor Blimey. But I mustn’t start talking about the past must I?
Male: Yes its interesting, very interesting Mickey: Um, no you wouldn’t rememberMale: Remember what Mickey: You wouldn’t remember Kate Carney would you? Before your time?
Male: Do you Leslie? Leslie: Well she was on the way out when I came in I think
Male: Who was Kate Carney, Mickey
Mickey: Oh she was very good she was. There was Kate Carney, and she used to sing all the songs and Rosie (?) and whatshername Marie Lloyd (?) and Little Tich.
Male: Oh the music hall turns?
Mickey: Yes I used to like the old music halls. You got your money’s worth there. Thruppence (three pence) up in the top in the gods.
Male/s: Be nice if some of those could come and talk to us. Sing for us. If Marie Lloyd came through singing one of her songs. Be marvellous wouldn’t it? See if you can round them up, you know if they are resting, if they are not on stage.
Mickey: I remember the Mumming Birds. They was good the Mumming Birds was. And then there was that like them, oh what are they called? Someone called Bodie and he had an act and he used to make things happen. It was scientific, supposed to be. I think it was all, you know, made up, but he was quite funny, big man with a moustache he was. Oh he used to make things happen.
Male: Now you’re doing it!
Mickey: Oooh that’s different.
Male: Did you ever used to come up West Mickey?
Mickey: Oh occasionally. I suppose you wouldn’t remember tram cars would you?
Everyone: Yes
Male: The Aldwych underpass was it, or Aldwych Tramline? (Whispering? Well I don’t know. What’s happening tonight? Are you going to sit next Thursday or not)
Male: Oh I don’t know. Um I thought it would be nice to have a little rest maybe.
Mickey: Oh well if you are here Thursday I’ll be here. Bye bye. (Everyone thanking Mickey)
Mickey: Better be here by 8 o'clock mate.
Male: I expect I shall be here but … Mickey: ??? we will have a march around after you, mate
Female: Mickey, what was happening last Thursday? Mickey: Oh they were experimenting with a box and all that business. Using a ? in that direction. They do sometimes, you know, experiment.
Female: Yes I know, I wondered if you knew what they were experimenting.
Mickey: Are you sitting next Thursday, or not?
Male: Well, I suppose, I don’t know if the others want to sit next Thursday…
Male: Oh come on! We wouldn’t know what to do on Thursdays would we?
Female: Mickey, could we give Leslie some sort of card ?
Male: Did you say the boys weren’t going to be here next week? Female: Yes they said they were. If next week is the 17th (chat about next meeting)
Mickey: Well decide yourselves. Its up to you. If you are here we’ll come through and if you ain’t well we won’t. Female: Mickey, we were just, Jean and I were going to ask the same question that I’m going to ask actually, it may be a bit sort of arrogant to ask, but we think that perhaps we can give their side some sort of recharging Mickey: Well yes, that’s true sometimes … well yes but I don’t know … sometimes yes you do.
Female: Well we are obviously willing to.
Mickey: Oh I know I know sometimes we do drop out obviously sometimes but I just feel that it ought to try and use up a bit. Anyway if you are here I’ll be here. Bye bye. Give my love to Ken. And I’m sure it was a nutcracker. Female: I’ll ask him
Mickey: Not that it means anything to me I wouldn’t know what nutcracker means but they was holding up nutcrackers and when you ??? Bye bye
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