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Dr Anabela Cardosa discusses the role of noise in ITC, EVP

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In this third video Anabela Cardoso speaks about the role of noise in EVP. The subject had already been touched in Video ONE but here it is analysed in more detail. Noise appears to be an important element in the formation of the anomalous electronic voices. This point has been put forward by different researchers who studied the subject in depth. This was the case of Dr. Engineer Carlo Trajna, himself a successful ITC operator and a respected researcher of the electronic voices. The Italian scientist performed numerous tests that amply demonstrate the postulate (See: Cardoso, A. Electronic voices, Contact with Another Dimension?, 2010). https://www.amazon.es/Electronic-Voic... In a two year study of the EVP, Dr Cardoso directed a series of tests under conditions controlled to the highest possible level and the conclusions of the report ‘A Two-Year Investigation of the Allegedly Anomalous Electronic Voices or EVP’, published in NeuroQuantology, September 2012, issue 10, number 3, fully corroborate the theory, now tested under scientific scrutiny. See: https://www.neuroquantology.com/index... Anabela describes several sources of background noise which can be selected by the potential operators emphasizing, nevertheless, that personal choice must prevail in this area. Syntony between the communicators of another dimension, the ITC operator on the Earth and the equipment should develop. This is the ideal requirement for positive results in the EVP experiments. In the video Anabela explains why radio noise is her favourite acoustic support for EVP. It not only contains a vast array of frequencies but may also be propitious for the communicators to start the Direct Radio Voices (DRV), which may allow for a dialogue. The great pioneer of the electronic voices, Friedrich Jürgenson, had already been advised by his communicators to “use the radio” in his experiments. See: https://archive.org/details/Jurgenson... Dr. Raudive, who followed him and initiated the scientific study of the EVP, also used radio static noise, the so-called white noise, in his tests. See: https://www.amazon.com/Breakthrough-a... Noise has been the reason why sceptics and ill-informed or ill-intentioned parapsychologists have attacked and denigrated the phenomenon. Anabela played a sample of her own EVP voices of years ago and demonstrated that noise cannot be taken for voices as sceptics have the habit of doing. Samples of Rio do Tempo voices can be heard at: www.itcjournal.org The subject of Noise will continue to be discussed in the next offer of Anabela Cardoso’s videos.
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