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Marion Dampier-Jeans  speaks about Gordon Higginson
This time it was enough for me one of the great things I've seen.It was in Devon a special experience.
There was approx. 20 people who were all invited, we were the ones who have side and understand physical mediumship, we came from all places in England and because we were gathered in a large Harmony, phenomena were strong.
The first person to come through was a spirit walking to a lady and talking to hinde, The voice of the spiritual world was Scottish, It was hindered man born in Edinburgh. There were several who came through
Suddenly there was a wind that came through space, there was a feeling of huge energy standing in the middle of the room.
Suddenly the voice Marion Dampier-Jeans (here I have to explain: us who were present we were invited by a person, from a church in Devon, he only got telephon number and a first name....... none of us knew each other and we first met outside in a conservatory to church.
We were placed by someone who was not in the circle, he closed us in the hall.
Everything had been investigated in the hall where we had to have the demonstration of 3 people who were in the circle, a cabinet, a chairs, and a room.... It took 30 minutes. and then we were all investigated, it happens at every physical circular demonstration...........
We were locked up and started singing, viberations were high
In the middle of the circle, a figure we could hear him walk on the floor.... A huge sparkly sound, suddenly he spun rung and looked at me, then he said Hi Dear Marion Dampier-Jeans. The voice was determined and tremendously fine English.
Marion it's Gordon Higginson. He was the chairman of the spiritualist National Union SNU for 23 years and the principal of Arthur Findlay Collage from 1979 to 1993.
He was a first class medium and a great physical medium, we worked same in a London theater a demonstration for 300 people, and also for BBC Radio....... I was at Arthur Findlay Collage and devoted a couple as minister, and on that way we were work collgies.
He told me promise me Marion you won't stop in the English spiritist churches I've been around and see and I'm so disturbed by the evolution and saddened to see the mediumship at the lowest, mediumship and spiritism our philosophy our SNU don't recognize anymore...... same is in the other countries you work in, I've spoken to another media from your home country a Mr. Nielsen.
Gordon's mediumship was known in England and around the world....... he was a medium with great experience.
Not much takes the wind out of me. it was this circle that gave me strength that I have to keep up the traditional mediumship
Picture is of Gordon Higginson when he sat for where the ectoplasma flowed out of him for materialization physics medium cabinet
(this has not been edited as was translated from Danish - Marion is herself a physical medium who does not sit in the dark)
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