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https://victorzammit.com/images/Alec Harris booksmall.jpgAlec Harris was a superb Welsh materialization medium who died in 1974. During the production of materialized spirit forms, Alec's spirit guides usually took him into a deep trance, and the sitters were able to clearly see him sitting on his chair (bound hand and foot) inside the 'cabinet' - and the whole room was bathed in good red light while the materialized people walked around the room and spoke with their loved ones. The following witness statements are contained in the book 'Alec Harris The Full Story of his Remarkable Physical Mediumship'' by Alec's wife, Louie Harris.

Maurice Barbanell the then editor of Psychic News, wrote of Alec's mediumship that "the spirit forms not only show themselves in good red light, but they also hold sustained conversations, after having walked about ten feet from the cabinet! At a sitting I attended, I saw thirty forms materialize during two and a half hours".

Sir Alexander Cannon, 'spoke to two spirit forms who were Tibetans, and these conversations were held in their native tongue, which was unknown to Alec Harris or any of the other persons present'. Prof. T J Haarhoff, who was a professor of classics, "conversed with a materialized spirit who spoke to him in ancient Greek".

Mr. A.G. Fletcher-Desborough, an expert magician who was an arch-skeptic attended a sitting. "As he reported later in the Liverpool Evening Express 'as an illusionist and magician, I knew exactly where to look for such things as panel and floor escapes, ceiling and wall slides. I was satisfied that nothing could make an exit or entrance in any way. There was no chance of deception'. What followed was nothing short of miraculous. The skeptic's dead father materialized and used a pet name known to nobody but his family. His brother materialized giving his name and walking with a limp as he did in life. Finally, his third son, Ronnie, who had been beheaded by the Japanese after the fall of Singapore materialized."

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