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How Synchronicity Works

by Christina Grozik

Have you ever asked the Universe for a sign to help you make a decision or for guidance along your path? If you find yourself stuck in your own story and not moving forward because of events that have happened in your life, consider the advice of Edgar Cayce, “Don’t feel sorry for yourself if you have chosen the wrong road, turn around.” (ECRL 462-10)

Life is a journey and we are all equipped with a navigation system to help us along the way. Most of us have the volume down and can’t hear it. This Divine system is always there for us. It only requires that we remove mental distraction and quiet the mind to tap into it.

If you have ever driven, or used transportation, to reach a given destination, you have likely encountered an array of signs. Along the way, you may have encountered stop, yield, turn and speed limit signs. If you are driving a vehicle and come to a red light, you know to stop, and when it turns green you know to proceed. Streets and highways are labeled with names so we can identify our route. Sometimes we enter construction areas or have to take detours to reach where we are going. Other times, we may come to dead ends that make us turn around to reconnect to our path.

Think of life in the same way. Instead of street signs or different colored lights telling you when to stop and go, or cones guiding you in your lane, things like repeating numbers, colorful dreams, a song on the radio, a fortune cookie message, the words of a “stranger”, or a certain animal suddenly keeps popping up, these may be guides to YOUR path.

That is the way synchronicity works.

I have discovered that signs exist all around us. Often, I hear people saying, “If only I had a sign.” The interesting thing about that is, more often than not, the signs people are asking for are right in front of them. They are too distracted to notice or expected the signs to come in a different form and were unable to recognize them. Edgar Cayce said, “Through prayer we speak to God. In meditation, God speaks to us.” (Edgar Cayce Reading 262-127 report). These two sentences are the perfect guide for tapping into that Divine GPS. When we ask, we receive. When we practice presence with an open mind, we actually recognize those messages that are gifted to us.

For as long as I remember, I have received messages that have helped to lead me on my path. As life happens and we encounter times that seem more challenging than others, navigating through periods of turbulence can appear to be difficult. I found that during a particular time in my life, I was so distracted by my own story, and what appeared to be arduous situations, I let my emotional body take the driver’s seat. At a time when I was looking for direction the most, I had disconnected myself from the source that could best guide me. I was so consumed by the things that had fallen onto my path, and the pain that they had caused, that I lost my way.

During this period, I traveled for work and spent a lot of time in what seemed to be solitude. Throughout this seven-year stretch, I met “strangers” that would say “random” things to me and encountered situations that I thought were out-of-the-ordinary at the time. It was later that I realized these “strangers” and out-of-the-ordinary situations were preparing me for things that would come. These experiences were bringing me closer to the Divine and allowing me to refocus my attention to the present moment instead of getting stuck in my own story and pain. The fog that had blocked the view of my path was lifting and I was once again finding clarity of vision. As I continued to move forward on my path, I realized these encounters with “strangers” were something extraordinary. While they appeared odd at the time, they were preparing me for the path ahead.

I realized that while I felt alone during this span of time, I never was. The Divine had always been there with me and was trying to lead me on my path. It was me. I was resisting by allowing myself to dwell in my own story and I was focusing my energy on painful, worrisome, past events.

It is not that we are lost and or alone. It is that we have disconnected from our internal navigation system. That system is our communication channel with the Divine. Trust and have hope. Don’t spend time in the past or worrying about the future. Spending time in this way does not serve you and mutes the voice of the Divine within. Embrace even the challenging times. Find peace in solitude. Welcome opportunities for growth, knowing that they are part of your journey. When presence, faith and hope are strong, your path will be clear.

The Universe is on your side. It is not conspiring against you. Trust that it has your best interest. Even when things don’t seem to be working out, they are. Have gratitude in the lowest and darkest moments. That is power. Harnessing the light within and the connection to the Divine is the greatest gift. Everyone has this ability because this gift has been bestowed upon each being. The only one that can take that away from you is you.


Christina Grozik, an integrated wellness guide, sound vibrational therapist, and producer, has a webinar coming up on Wednesday, April 28 - Synchronicity: Finding Your Path Through Signs, Strangers and Spirit Animals.   Join us for this fun and fascinating LIVE webinar that explores paths to embrace the knowledge that we are never truly alone—our guides are here for us, all we need to do is tune in and be aware!

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Christina Grozik's background is an eclectic one having worked as a coordinator in the production media industry, serving as a public speaker, organizing special events, teaching at Kent State University, and recently producing a wellness documentary titled, Going Om. Her many career paths have led her to establishing a wellness practice as a Certified Vibrational Sound Therapist, Integrated Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Polarity Practitioner, Energy Worker and Reiki Specialist.

Working as a travel blogger, Christina spent seven years on the road documenting her journeys through her website Bohemian Babe Travels. She has met extraordinary people, immersed herself in unique cultures and encountered experiences that would forever change her life. When asked, “Do you ever get tired of being by yourself all of the time?” She replied, “I’m never by myself. The Universe is guiding me.”

Having been exposed to a variety of environments and taking on multiple career roles, coupled with her wellness studies, Christina sees the importance of energy and living a balanced life. She is passionate about helping others find a lifestyle that promotes wellness through incorporating integrated modalities into her teachings.

Christina recently co-launched the Going Om Collective (GoingOmCollective.com) which is a collaboration designed to help participants reduce stress and anxiety, find focus and clarity, and adopt a practice in presence.



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