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Five types of processes display a 'beyond spacetime' property—or nonlocality as evidenced in the quantum entanglement—, including psi, proven to operate beyond-brain and beyond-spacetime. Together, these five anomalies are not only at odds with Relativity but also with the indeterminacy of Quantum Mechanics. However, in the same way as the four forces can only be unified via a hyperdimension, a hyperdimension that includes a cosmic consciousness (together with hyperspace and hypertime) may give a cogent foundation for all five nonlocal anomalies. The Infinite-Spiral-Staircase Theory (ISST) posits such triune hyperdimension (HD) as all-encompassing in the universe, preexisting to and pervading the spacetime region because it dwells at a sub-Planckian scale—both at the origin and at any spacetime coordinates in all systems. ISST accommodates the double-nature of consciousness, mostly nonlocal and operating through the hyperdimension, and partly embodied. The HD of a system is its dynamical meaningful organizational layer, its semantic field (syg-field), more or less evolved, from a proto-consciousness to a mind. The framework of ISST is panpsychist—with the hyperdimensional sygons (syg energy) pervading any atom, cell, biosystem and mind—, and is thus based on a deep, multilevel and distributed, mind-matter coupling. The sygons, pure semantic (syg) energy, create instant nonlocal connections between resonant semantic fields, thus explaining telepathy and psi at large. All semantic interconnections imply an inter-influence between syg-fields, the control variable of influence being the intensity of syg energy. Once the syg-field of a system has been reorganized, the change takes place within the matter-or bio-system.
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