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Reproduction of my voice?

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Hello everyone,

I hope I am writing this in the right section of the forum. I would love to hear the opinion of someone who has more knowledge than me. I have just started experimenting with recordings, using voice files in the background while recording. In one of my first attempts (about a year ago because of personal issues), I used only and exclusively audio with reproductions of male voices, and the peculiarity is that listening back to the recording I clearly hear a female voice saying something, speaking almost over me, and the voice, besides not matching the audio ( specifically male) would appear extremely similar to mine. Has this happened to anyone in the early days? 

Thank you,




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  • iDigitalMedium Research Team

Hello, you have recorded your own thoughts. 
The spirit communication is purely telephatic whether medial or technical.                                                                                                                             Everything is done through the thoughts! We know this phenomenon under the heading: "Manifestations of own thoughts."
greetings from Germany. 

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Hi Caterina, yes - it is not unusual to hear words that sound similar to your own voice - especially if you are conducting traditional evp where you record in open air. Spirit is sometimes able to use recent or future energy from your own voice, store it, and try to speak using it. 

Or...it could be someone in your family, which would also explain a similar voice if it's a mother, grandmother, aunt, etc.


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Hi!  Another interesting phenomena, is transform EVP. When a statement you've made during a recording session, has been altered to say something totally different.

As far as our thoughts being read, I've had some EVP that had an answer to a question I've asked, before the question is even asked.


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