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What a year it has been at the Shared Crossing Research Initiative (SCRI)! I am humbled by the many lives that our work has impacted. In January, I released a best-selling book called At Heaven’s Door, published by Simon & Schuster; SCRI published the first article in medical science on the shared death experience in the American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine; we published our Shared Crossing Spectrum of End-of-Life Experiences in the Omega Journal of Death and Dying (the top academic journal in the field); I’ve disseminated our work in interviews on nearly 100 podcasts/radio and print media outlets; and I recently had the privilege of co-hosting The Shift Network’s Beyond the Veil Summit, which was viewed by over 30,000 people.


 Our SCRI team has purposefully been documenting end-of-life experiences (aka shared crossings) so that we may shift our cultural perception of the final chapter of life and transform end-of-life care. Our work is focused on a two-pronged approach to affecting positive change:

  • Grass Roots Impact: SCRI's research-based programs create the intimate space for you, our community, to share your hopes and desires for end of life while also providing the means to prepare for a conscious, connected, and loving end of life. For many, it was their participation in the Shared Crossing Pathways seminar, our flagship program, that transformed their remaining time with aging parents and loved ones. And that has made all the difference in how they feel about their lives now, as well as their ongoing relationships.
  • Provider Level Impact: After seeing our research in hospice and end-of-life publications, healthcare providers tell us that our research confirms what they already knew: that the end of life is a prime time for miracles to occur in the form of meaningful communication between loved ones across the veil. By conducting the research and disseminating our findings to the public and to end of life practitioners (hospice workers, spiritual counselors, mental health practitioners, etc.), we have been instrumental in affecting positive change


Your support is essential in continuing the momentum of our transformative work! Please donate so that we can continue our vital mission of transforming our society's relationship to end of life. On behalf of our SCRI team, I thank you in advance for joining us in manifesting this bold vision.

With great gratitude,


William Peters 

& The Shared Crossing Research Initiative Team


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