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Ginette Biro - what she learned from her NDE


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Ginette Biro was recently on the Zammit Global Zoom Group a free group offered to anyone with speakers from all aspects of the afterlife.

GINETTE BIRO LEARNED THE VALUE OF HER LIFE When Ginette Biro had her near-death experience on August 30th, 2019 she was shown the blueprint of her life and came to understand the incredible value of an earth-life for soul development. She realised that she was at a planned exit point, but that she still had things she wanted to accomplish. She was allowed to make minor changes to the remainder of her plan, removing things that would no longer serve her such as continuing ill-health. She recorded her fascinating experiences in her book "Avalon to Aurora | Lessons From The Other Side To Guide Your Life On Earth: A Medium's Near-Death Experience".
See the "Ginette Biro Podcast" and her Youtube channel "Ginette Biro Medium". 

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