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Introducing Kenneth Ring -Near Death Experience researcher


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Dr. Kenneth Ring and Raymond Moody transformed the conversation about death and dying. Hear Raymond describe their early work together that led to their creating a whole new vocabulary for talking about life's great mysteries.

Together they embarked on a scientific investigation of death and near death...and changed people's ideas forever.

Raymond shares a few memories of how he and Ken met, what drew Ken to give up Social Psychology for near death studies, and how Ken's sense of humor cemented a lifelong friendship. 


Learn more about the man and the thinking that led to a powerful shift in the conversation.

In Blogging Towards Infinity the irrepressible Dr. Ken Ring share his wit and insight on a wide range of topics from his experiences growing up with an absent father, to his increasing admiration for the love and soul connection provided by animals, musings on the life of Helen Keller, and of course, what he's learned from a lifetime of near death research as a leading-edge researcher and thought leader.




"Ring calls for the reader to bend their view and look at life as flowing on from this earthly existence.
Scientific study tells us so, and the esteemed author has contributed a great deal to the overwhelming amount of evidence of life beyond life."
― David L. Leonard


This is Ken Ring's last book, and though he claims to spend most of his days whimpering, his farewell to writing, as his final essays will demonstrate, certainly goes out with a bang. As he veers unsteadily toward eighty-seven, Ring has lost none of his verve or literary panache. As always, his essays sparkle with his usual wit, but mainly reflect Ring's more serious concern to address some of the topics that have engaged him during this last phase of his life.

Still, the book begins in a more lighthearted way with his reminiscing about his early life with his absent father ("my father, once removed," he calls him) and about some of the other things that shaped his character, such as the greatest movie ever made that few people have heard of. He also devotes several essays to largely unknown facets of Helen Keller's extraordinary career, including "The Sex Life of a Saint." But most of the rest of the book is devoted to Ring's careful study of the lives of animals and considerations of animal welfare and the movement for animal rights. And it concludes, fittingly enough, with a number of essays that distill what Ring believes are the most important lessons that people should take from his many years of researching near-death experiences—all of which was foreshadowed by that film he saw as a youth that changed his life and foretold his destiny.


We hope you will enjoy this wonderful book!

Raymond Moody & Lisa Smartt




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