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Poll on 1000 Americans on paranormal experiences


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A New Poll Tells Us 22% Report "Seeing Unexplained Orbs of Light"


A new poll by YouGovAmerica surveyed 1000 Americans about any parnormal experiences they may have had. More than two-thirds reported having some type of paranormal experience. Some of the most common experiences were:

"Feeling a presence or unknown energy": 37%

"Hearing a voice of someone who wasn't there": 29% 

"Feeling an unexplained change in temperature": 28%

"Seeing lights or other devices turn on or off without explanation": 25%

"Seeing an object move without explanation": 22%

"Seeing unexplained orbs of light": 22%

"Seeing a door open or close without explanation":  20%

"Seeing a ghost or spirit": 20%

"Seeing an angel": 13%

The page describing the poll gives one interesting bit of testimony from one of the people polled:

"I was in a 100-year-old hotel in Brazil with abandoned floors that were accessible. As my friend and I explored, the temperature dropped and we saw orbs of light."

I myself have had several of these experiences. I once saw a locked door open when no one was near it. I have more than once observed objects move inexplicably. I have repeatedly witnessed inexplicable activity regarding lights, including either a turning on by itself of a light or a light turning off inexplicably and then quickly turning back on. My post here mentions recent observations of this type. 

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