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ITC Gem 40: More About the Early Luxembourg Experiments


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ITC Gem 40: More About the Early Luxembourg Experiments

Posted on 2016 December 31 by Mark Macy

Keith Clarke has published a series of three articles on his idigitalmedium site about the early experiments of Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach in Luxembourg, conducted during a visit by George Meek (USA) and professor Ernst Senkowski (Germany) in 1987.

I was given several excerpts from those contacts by Dr Senkowski when he visited Regina and me here in Colorado in the early 1990s, so it was exciting to hear and see the complete contacts on Keith’s site.

You can clearly hear the high-pitched voice of ethereal being Technician, who introduces, facilitates, and ends the contacts with Konstantin Raudive, “Nelson D. Rockefeller,” and Henri Ste Claire de Ville.

(I put Rockefeller’s name in quotes because the spirit introduces himself with that name, but the late governor’s actual name was Nelson Aldridge Rockefeller. Inconsistencies like that are not unusual in ITC and spirit communication. It seems that once we leave the earth, many of the earthly details of our lifetime such as name and address sometimes start to blur as we settle into a subtler world. There are also sometimes spirit imposters.)

Here are links to the three articles by Ron Ruiz and William Pimblott about those early experiments in Luxembourg:


1) https://idigitalmedium.com/euro-signal-bridge-jules-maggy-harsch-fischbach-part-1/

The first article has five audio clips of the voice contacts through Maggy’s radios, and a couple of frames from the video contacts that came through her TV later.

  • More information about the contact by Henri Ste Claire de Ville can be found here….
  • The actual video clips from Maggy’s early TV experiments can be seen here….


2) https://idigitalmedium.com/the-euro-signal-bridge-of-jules-and-maggy-harsch-fischbach-part-2/

The second article goes into some detail about the technical specifications of the hardware being used for those voice experiments.


3) https://idigitalmedium.com/euro-signal-bridge-jules-maggy-harsch-fischbach-part-3/

The third article explores the technical detail of hardware used in the video experiments.


Keith and his colleagues at idigitalmedium are doing a good job of rounding up some of that historic ITC information and exploring the correct approach to ITC. One recent article, for example, is by my friend and colleague Rolf Ehrhardt: Some ideas about the way ITC works… which you can read at the following link at Keith’s site…


… or at the original worlditc site:



On a separate note, I just published the latest end-of-year news roundup on my Noble Savage World website, for those interested.

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