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ITC Gem 39: The Inside Story of the Afterlife


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ITC Gem 39: The Inside Story of the Afterlife

Posted on 2013 March 30 by Mark Macy

Editor’s note: In the landmark book Breakthroughs in Technical Spirit Communication, co-author Maggy Harsch-Fishbach of Luxembourg recalls in detail her miraculous rapport with spirit group Timestream… especially the spirit of late scientist Swejen Salter and ethereal being Technician. Maggy’s frank and inspiring recollections give some of the greatest understanding available in today’s world about the nature of the afterlife and the qualities necessary to foster a sustainable connection between this world and that… as indicated by this adaptation of Part 2 of her book about ITC (instrumental transcommunication), the use to technology to get in touch with the other side.

Read Part 2 of Maggy’s book in its entirety

Background. Swejen Salter was a scientist on planet Varid, one of Earth’s parallel physical worlds… each of which follow similar evolutionary paths with some variations. Societies on Varid, for example, evolved in a Dickensian way in which children were nurtured in large institutions by professional caregivers rather than in families… so that the noble-savage inconsistencies among parents didn’t pose the widespread problems that they do on Earth… where “sins of the father” can be passed on from generation to generation to generation….

Read more about parallel worlds

Science on Varid was deeply involved in multidimensional research, especially ITC, unlike Newtonian science on modern Earth, which has blindfolded itself from the vast spiritual worlds that flourish with life all around us. Terrestrial science today is immersed completely in the illusory material world, whereas Varidian science was more integrated with spiritual reality.

This sci-fi-like scenario of many parallel worlds evolving separately like cages of lab animals under controlled conditions is just one of many mind-boggling insights into reality gleaned by Maggy Harsch-Fischbach through her other-worldly communications using ITC systems… and it provides the basis for her historic research.

Dr Swejen Salter died in an explosion on Varid in 1987 and was recruited in the afterlife to help Earth advance its multidimensional understanding. In Luxembourg at the same time, schoolteacher Maggy Harsch-Fischbach was attracted to ITC research while watching the TV show Unbelievable Stories being broadcast by RTL (Radio-Television Luxembourg).

A group of ethereal beings calling themselves “The Seven” were closely observing all of these scenarios. Like superhuman lab scientists, they were controlling some of the conditions in this multidimensional experiment involving many parallel physical worlds and their corresponding spiritual worlds. They put Swejen Salter in charge of Timestream spirit group, and they selected Maggy harsch-Fischbach as the first full-fledged ITC researcher on Earth, for whom a communication bridge would be opened, sustained, and protected by the ethereals.

The job of Swejen Salter at Timestream sending station would be to share information with Maggy Harsch-Fischbach in Luxembourg through the high-tech communication bridge being monitored and facilitated by The Seven,  especially the one calling himself “Technician.”

Maggy and Swejen often chatted on the phone like girlfriends, as Swejen coordinated the work of hundreds of people-in-spirit who all shared the desire to foster a connection with their loved ones back home on Planet Earth. Swejen and her spirit colleagues also talked through Maggy’s radio sounds, sent video images from the afterlife through her TV set, and planted files on her computer containing long messages and bit-mapped images. They even sent Maggy some FAXes!

In short, the doors were open wide, thanks largely to Technician, who described his assigned role as gatekeeper between heaven and earth.

Friendly, Insightful Dialogs

In one of her early computer messages to Maggy in the late 1980s, Swejen wrote:

I died at the age of 38 as the result of an accident. Death came suddenly and unexpectedly. I was totally unprepared and cannot remember my passing over. I awoke on a recliner in a cheerfully decorated room that I had never seen before. Before I could have a closer look around, a tall, imposing man entered the room and identified himself as Richard Francis Burton. He welcomed me and started showing me the world in which he had lived since the year 1890 of your Earth time. I felt happy and safe here. Everybody was friendly and helpful. Still, the change was difficult. It is not easy to adapt to a new life when one is torn away from a daily routine.

On one occasion, Swejen told Maggy:

Unfortunately I cannot and may not answer all your questions. Do not forget that I have to get permission for some of this information from higher beings.

On another occasion, Technician added:

Swejen Salter is being granted much freedom of information!

As Swejen got acclimated to her new afterlife surroundings, she reported to Maggy:

If you harbor bad intentions and thoughts you will not be here very long.

She explained that people who carry with them to the afterlife a lot of emotional baggage (earthly resentments, suspicions, fears, cravings…), and are unable to detach from the troubled thinking, might suddenly find themselves in darker, more confused surroundings for awhile, or reincarnate to Earth to try to work out the problems in another lifetime.

Spirit communication pioneer Konstantin Raudive, a Latvian psychologist, died in 1974 and also joined Timestream spirit group. In July 1986 he told Maggy:

On the third level of consciousness each of us individually will find ourself closer to our own true self. While on Earth I tried to be something other than my true self. Most people try to paint a picture of themselves other than what they really are. Today, on this world, I acknowledge my own true self more.

Swejen reported to Maggy that various deceased scientists were being drawn to ITC projects, including psychologist Karl Jung, Nikola Tesla, Guglielmo Marconi, Marie Curie and Albert Einstein.

When scientist Konrad Lorenz died in 1989, Swejen Salter reported his arrival at Timestream:

He (Lorenz) was transported to us in a magnificent ship surrounded by people. Imagine a Viking ship in which his (astral) body was brought to his destination. He is still in a state of sleep. But it can already be observed that his features and his body are changing and becoming more youthful. Lorenz will probably remain in this regenerative sleep for only a short time. The sleep duration varies from one individual to another. It is generally about six weeks of earth time. Some people need considerably less.

Maggy was told that she and Swejen Salter shared a certain spiritual resonance, and so did Konrad Lorenz, which enabled him also to communicate without too much trouble through Maggy’s ITC bridge.

Maggy recalled her contact with Konrad Lorenz, “Compared to others, who could no longer express themselves in their lifetime speech pattern, Lorenz seemed to have no problems putting his thoughts through a spirit apparatus and forming them into human language. As he spoke to me, his voice gradually lost the monotony of synthetic speech. Dialog became possible and I forgot that I was speaking to a “dead” one. I noticed that Lorenz rolled his “r” and spoke with an Austrian accent. He was very friendly, advised me to take notes, and spoke slowly and distinctly. He thanked me for the nice report I had written about him.”

Maggy was told on various occasions, by Swejen, Technician, and others, that the laws and principles in the spirit world were quite different from Earth, and information sent to our world had to be translated or polished into a context that could be understood by us terrestrial humans. If the information were delivered straight to our world in unfiltered form, it would seem bizarre and incomprehensible. Pictures from the astral worlds, for example, could be sent to us only if the images were earth-like enough for us to recognize.

That seems to be one of the main obstacles facing modern ITC research: the very limited understanding of us on Earth. Our multidimensional insensitivity filters out much of the information that could come into our world from beyond.

Another obstacle is our tendency to fall into negative thinking. A protected ITC bridge to finer realms can remain open only as long as there is a harmony of good feelings on both sides. Fears and animosities harbored by earth experimenters can attract troubled spirits into the situation. This is a problem our spirit friends have to contend with. Swejen Salter told Maggy in 1989:

Recently I have been very busy trying to avert negative influences. I am therefore avoiding contacts at present which could contribute to interference.

Successful ITC rests on the harmonic cooperation of the people involved. That harmony sets up a “contact field” of life energy conducive to close interaction by a spirit group. Then, when the factors of good will come together, miracles can unfold.

Around the year 1990, two annual conferences were to be held—a small ITC conference in Bad Muenstereifel, Germany, and a much larger PSI Days conference in Basel, Switzerland. Swejen Salter said the conditions (group harmony) at the smaller conference would be much more conducive for a live ITC contact. Swejen:

I do not know yet if a contact attempt is possible in Basel. It is too early to tell. At present the timelines are not favorable…. Conditions are especially good for a contact in Bad Muenstereifel. At the moment they are better than for Basel. Many good and serious researchers will be going to Bad Muenstereifel. The participants are able to build a favorable contact field with which we can work. There is a general feeling of responsibility.

I shall try to adjust through you to the light bridge. Ask your co-workers for video pictures of the equipment! I shall attempt to enjoin the participants positively in their thoughts. At the time of contact seven higher beings will be present in the hall. One of them is in contact with the medium Mr Zoennchen. Another being is guiding the contacts of the Group Homes/Malkhoff in Rivenich… The Technician is one of the seven entities. They are depending on the harmonic cooperation of all humans. Their main technical sources of help will be the Light.

While you make the introduction I shall try to orient to you by your voice. During the experiment all doors should remain closed. Ask the audience not to use any photo flashes. There is a danger that the energy field may collapse. Regular picture taking or audio and video recording are allowed.

After a successful spirit contact at the Bad Muenstereifel conference, Swejen reported to Maggy by phone:

We made the same efforts that you made in your cooperation…. The harmony was great and contributed very much to accomplishing the contact. There was joy and satisfaction but also confusion. There was tension and stress while operating the equipment. A total of 57 transmission attempts through space and time were made! Only two arrived, one of them distorted, the other one was clearer. We do not know the exact outcome and hope at least a few sentences could be understood.

Heli Schaefer on our side tried to harmonize the spirit groups involved. We had a few complaints about some technical steps on your side which proved more of a handicap than a help. Do not forget the people here have only one advantage that you don’t have: They have crossed the threshold of eternity, while otherwise they are still very much like they were on earth. Some of them feel too much is expected of them during this period of bridge-building. Of course we do not suffer from exhaustion as you do, but we know the feeling of not getting any rest because so much remains to be done. 


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