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ITC Gem 38 – Perspective from Beyond


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ITC Gem 38 – Perspective from Beyond


Revisiting the archives of early ITC messages from Timestream and The Seven has an anchoring effect.

My aim with this website is to digest the amazing information received from the other side between 1985 and 2000—when voices, images, and text streamed into our world through technical equipment—and to adapt that knowledge into articles pertinent to modern living.

When I veer off course a bit with my writing and get too embroiled in worldly things, these visits to the archives help pull me back to center.

Timestream, as readers know, is a spirit community of our loved ones and colleagues and people from various eras and walks of life who came together after death with the shared purpose of opening communication channels with ITC researchers on Earth.

The project was formed under the protection and guidance of seven ethereal beings, including the one calling himself “Technician.”

Between the years 1985 and 2000 we were given secrets of our ancient past, insights into our spiritual nature, and vivid descriptions of the paradise worlds where most people awaken after death… as well as technical tips for opening and sustaining an ITC bridge.

It’s easy to get a little off track while alive on Earth. As Technician told us 25 years ago:

You are living in a time where truth is readily distorted and where wrong speculations about eternal life are prematurely professed as the only correct ones.

That’s why I try to stay anchored in the pure ITC contacts as I write articles for this website.

So, who exactly is the Technician?

I’ve been round and round that question since my first encounter with the brilliant being two decades ago. The Technician told us, through a radio ITC system of the Harsch-Fischbach couple in Luxembourg, in the fall of 1986:

I am not human, and I was never a material being (incarnate). I am not and never was an animal. I am neither energy nor light being. I was and I am a superhuman being responsible for planet earth.

(In the original German: ‘Ich bin kein Mensch, ich war nie inkarniert – ich bin und war nie ein Tier – ich bin keine Energie und kein Lichtwesen- ich war und bin ein uebermenschliches Wesen und zustaendig fuer den Planeten Erde.’)

That message offers hints about where our ITC information was coming from, but it opens up many more questions.

What’s the nature of this superhuman?

Who assigned him to planet Earth?

How could he be “superhuman” if he’d never been a physical “human?”

Questions like these baffled me for years, and I had dig deeper into ITC contacts and then explore outside ITC altogether to get reasonable answers.

I learned that some of “The Seven” had lived physical lives.

Read more about The Seven

And they seemed to be tied to our most ancient human heritage, tracing back to a world called “Eden.”

Read more about the Edenites

And they apparently played a key role in the “First Epoch” of modern humanity, in that elusive civilization that went by various names, including “Atlantis.”

Read more about Atlantis

Over my years of ITC research I naturally developed an implicit trust in those seven beings, who have the knack for putting earthly problems into perspective.

When asked if there was a purpose for human suffering, Technician replied:

Pain is part of the human ego, and you might experience it for different reasons. It might be something you need and deserve as a consequence for your own actions. It might be something given to you by higher powers in order to accelerate your learning process for heightened perception on your path toward perfection.

I also developed a sense of friendship and confidence in our spirit friends of Timestream sending station, who worked in close collaboration with The Seven.

Konstantin Raudive was a Latvian psychologist and ITC pioneer who died in 1974 and then said it was his calling to continue the research after his death. He told us how ITC happens on the other side, and what life is like in the mid-astral planes, or third spirit level, where ITC contacts originate:

Dear friends! Imagine the installation here as a computer. What you say arrives here in writing. Great help is Professor (Ernst) Senkowski, a clever man.

On the third level in the Beyond, the human being finds its way back to its proper self. When I was living on your side, I always tried to be somebody other than who I really was; most people try to present a self-image that is not really accurate. Now that I am here, I assert in closer accord with my innate ego.

Konstantin Raudive again, in August 1986, during one of his philosophical moments:

Existence today, with its many levels of spiritual and physical being, could be compared to a motorway that comes from anywhere and leads to anywhere. Travelers move along the motorway, stopping here or there for awhile, and then continue their journeys.

Humans on Earth are those sitting in the motorway service area. They believe their stay there to be their entire life and the only form of existence. Most of them see little or nothing of the motorway, as they are completely absorbed in the service area. They forget what had happened before—the journey or the service area.

Even though the service area is only a service area, its visitors would benefit from making an effort to keep it in good condition, since new guests are always arriving.

Unfortunately, service area guests at the present time do not at all behave accordingly. They contaminate it, as the industrialized countries do, or they allow too many guests to stop off at once until there is no space or service available, and there is nothing more to eat or drink.

There is a purpose for the service area. Travelers could recover there and gather strength for the journey ahead. They could study roadmaps and get an understanding of the motorway, since the coming journey is unavoidable.

But people muddle themselves in the service area and get drunk and distracted… and when it’s time to leave, they no longer know where to go.

For sure, the Earth is no paradise, but there is no inherent need to make it a vale of tears. 

Every research, every science should have one underlying purpose: to inform and to serve the traveler.

And in February 1987, in a more practical mindset, Konstantin spoke about the problems presented by envy among researchers who were not getting the quality of contacts being received in Luxembourg:

Many researchers suffer from the fact that transcommunication in the form as it is made accessible to you today, or, for example, with the Spiricom method (of Americans George Meek and Bill O’Neil), or with Hans König (of Germany), or in Grosseto (with Italian researcher Marcello Bacci), has not yet opened up to them.

For life on your side, envy is an impediment not to be underestimated—an impediment sometimes leading to a storm of defamation against researchers such as yourselves who are receiving this. The storm might only worsen as these enhanced forms of transcommunication continue.

Arguments against you may be ridiculous, and investigations against you may be cunning, but in all cases are taken up and repeated from almost all sides, without verification.

Most people today simply do not want to realize that there are humans who, after passing to the Beyond, have found ways and means for reporting to the other side—that is, to you. 

Human survival after bodily death is a fact.

Only when the last remnants of niggling emotions and hostilities have been cast off, will mind and spirit be in a position to come to learn and to understand cosmic spheres. This involves a wearisome cycle of death and reincarnation. It is not possible to elevate the public understanding of life and afterlife overnight.


The miraculous contacts received in Luxembourg between 1985 and 2000 were choreographed by Technician, whose superhuman expertise, more than anything else, built and sustained the ITC bridge. As he told the Harsch-Fischbach researchers during a contact in Januay 1987:

My attempts to reach you are like a pilot’s efforts to land on a small island in a vast ocean on a particular day at a particular time… a very delicate approach… but today the landing has come off well!

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