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ITC Gem 37: Secrets of Life and Afterlife


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ITC Gem 37: Secrets of Life and Afterlife


Editor’s note: The messages below (in italics) from the superhuman spirit Technician were received by the Luxembourg ITC experimenters Harsch-Fischbach in 1986-7.

In December of 1986, Technician reminded us humans that when the time comes for our final journey to the next life… there’s a baggage limit.

With God, reputations do not matter. Regardless of whether people are kings or of some other high ranking, before God only the spiritual standing counts. When people on Earth do not enjoy the esteem of their fellow creatures, many around them turn away. It is the same in the spirit world. If people lack the necessary spiritual esteem, the spirit world turns away. When humans arrive here after their bodily death, our world turns away from them if they have laid too many things at their doors.

There are probably a couple of things we have to consider here. One is the spiritual vibration we’ve developed over the course of a lifetime. A life of good will toward others produces a fine, light vibration that resonates with paradise, whereas a life of resentment or malice forges a density or darkness of spirit. The second thing might be the sequence of events we’ve created over a lifetime with our thoughts, words and actions—what Technician calls “too many things” laid at our doors.

Our vibration quickly determines our destiny once we die and leave our body behind, as our spirit finds a compatible home—a realm in which it resonates… whether it’s a paradise world inhabited by people of good will, or one of the dismal communities closer to Earth in vibration, where troubled people-in-spirit resume their familiar patterns driven by fear or animosity. That vibration, however, is apparently offset to some degree by the actual things we’ve done… the people we’ve affected.

The events we’ve created over our lifetime, I would suspect, are the subject of the “movie” we’re shown after we die. According to various sources, we observe, often in the presence of a higher being, a quick replay of our lifetime, showing our acts of kindness or cruelty and their impact on our fellow creatures of Earth. So… even if we’ve achieved a fine, light vibration late in life, an abundance of bad choices early in life could compel us to return to Earth in another lifetime to try again.

We apparently come to Earth with a mission or soul purpose, but our ego or conscious mind sometimes veers off-course… in which case our spirit guides try to help us toe the line. Referring to people trying to pursue a course not on their soul path, the Technician said:

If a higher power is not willing, you should try to let things follow their own course. Do not try to swim against the current. Do not judge why these people or those people experience misfortune or affliction. Everything has its meaning and purpose. This, however, does not mean that man should let himself drift along. Every man should go his way in pursuing his aim. Man should try to adorn his soul and nurture it, and to develop the precious light that is within himself. By means of meditation, he should try to break through the mental fogginess.

So, for most people it takes inner work to gain a conscious awareness of their soul purpose. Once on course, we begin making choices that benefit ourselves and those around us.

Then, once we get settled into paradise, we can get a vastly expanded view not just of our recent lifetime, but of our many lives. Again, the Technician:

Every human coming from your side to our side has the opportunity to experience part of the Akasha chronicle on the so-called third level. Everything that ever has happened is recorded in the Akashic records…. What (many of you do) not know is that the Akasha chronicle is part of the third level, a so-called world chronicle. It is, we might say, integrated in the third level of the Beyond.

The Akashic chronicle is like an immense library containing the complete, detailed history of life on Earth.

Read more about the Akashic records.

“Third level” here refers to the Frederic Myers spirit-world model.

Read more about that model.

Many people on Earth, when reaching a certain level of spiritual knowledge, are faced with the same question: If we’ve experienced many lifetimes, and if we’ve had a lot of experiences in various spirit worlds between our lifetimes… why don’t we remember them. Technician explains:

Remembering their various sojourns in the spirit worlds could lead to deep depressions for many people, since that level of beauty is unattainable on Earth. Stinging memories of mistakes made in past lifetimes would also distress people. Many feel joy when having done good things, but many are also able to feel joy when having done evil things, and they would do evil things again to repeat the joyous feeling. The animal consciousness has been forced on humans. Man himself is not bad. Prior to the last ice age men lived peacefully together, man with man and man with animals.

That last sentence about the last ice age opens many questions…

Read more about ice age timelines.

If the original message and its translation into English indeed refer to the last ice age (rather than the shorter-term ‘glaciation periods’ that form an ice age), then we have to go back some 360 million years, when the Karoo ice age began.

Read more about the Karoo ice age.

There was apparently a major event at that time, maybe an asteroid impact, that wiped out most living species and triggered the ice age.

Read about that extinction.

Up to that time, apparently, humans were living on Earth in peace… if the translation of Technician’s message is to be taken literally. There’s little additional informatino to be found among the ITC communications, and nothing in the archives of conventional science to suggest what kind of human cultures could have been flourishing on Earth so long ago… other than peaceful ones.


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