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ITC Gem 36: Humans Came from Eden


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ITC Gem 36: Humans Came from Eden

Posted on 2011 August 9 by Mark Macy

Editor’s note: The article below, about our fascinating ancient heritage, was assembled with excerpts from my book, The Project. The italicized text indicates information given to our INIT group by ethereal beings through ITC systems (and carefully paraphrased in some cases to preserve the meaning)… material that I consider to be completely reliable. The rest of the information in the article is what I gleaned from science, myth, deduction, and other sources to fill in the holes.

– – – –

Long, long ago a planet called Eden, or Marduk, circled our sun in a regular orbit between Mars and Jupiter. Eden was a paradise world beyond the Earth where humans had no inclination toward evil. The humans of Eden were far superior to us today, biologically as well as technologically (what we today might call superhumans or titans or gods), and they served as stewards of that lush, perfect planet.

The superhuman Edenites had mastered travel through space and among dimensions, and they colonized Terra, or Earth, which was not a paradise world. Living things on Terra killed each other to survive in a ruthless environment. The Edenite colonists on Earth had to fight some of nature’s most dangerous creatures that would not submit to human will.

Back on their home planet, the Edenites’ vast technologies got out of hand and destroyed the planet in a massive explosion. Eden became a hodge-podge of various-sized rocks and boulders that pummeled the other planets and moons in the solar system, leaving them pock-marked with craters.

After the destruction of Eden (which I believe must have occurred more than 3 billion years ago), the human colonists from Eden became marooned on Earth when their home planet was destroyed, and they were the last living Edenites.

We humans today are the product of a guided evolution, which included genetic engineering experiments by the Edenite castaways over the course of millions of years.

Beyond that basic story, most of our ancient heritage is still largely a puzzle… but science is beginning to assemble puzzle pieces. For example, NASA recently released compelling evidence that Mars was once a watery planet much like the Earth. These images below, from space.com, are probably close to what Mars looked like before the explosion of its neighbor, Eden or Marduk, more than 3 billion years ago… although I’m fairy certain Mars was a lot greener with lush vegetation than these pictures would suggest.


Three pictures of what Mars probably looked like 3 billion years ago, before the destruction of Eden.



View all 25 images at space.com

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