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ITC Gem 31: Technical ITC Conclusions


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ITC Gem 31: Technical ITC Conclusions

2011 March 26 by Mark Macy


Spirit has always used whatever technology was available on Earth to try to make contact with us physical humans, from the runes and crystal balls of yore, to modern electronic devices today. Regardless of the equipment being used in whatever era, two qualities (one in our world, one in theirs) have been of utmost importance in building a reliable bridge with meaningful information coming into our world:

  • The psychospiritual disposition of the human experimenter (a pure and positive mind, focused intention, psychic sensitivity…), and
  • A finer or more “elevated” spiritual vibration of our invisible friends. Light, ethereal beings with their amazing powers can open, sustain, and protect an ITC bridge, while dear, departed Uncle Fred cannot, even with the best of intentions. If the spirit of Uncle Fred happens to be present at an opened bridge, he might be invited to convey a long, insightful message to his loved ones on Earth who are “ready” and willing to hear from him… but for Fred or anyone else to die on Earth, awaken in spirit, and then call his family on the phone… it just isn’t going to happen without finer, more powerful spirit guides facilitating the event.

In this final post on the “technical” considerations of ITC, I’d like to share some experiences of researchers in northern Europe in the 1980s, which I think will support this hypothesis.

Why northern Europe? It’s at the site of ancient Atlantis (the Atlantean capital of Basileia (or Basilaie?) was near modern-day Helgoland, off the coast of Germany, according to spirit friends in contact with us through ITC systems… read the contact here on page 5), and there seems to be some important connection there, having to do with what might be called the “energy imprint” of Atlantis that still remains today in northern Europe.

Why the 1980s? Astonishing ITC bridges began to open up at various northern European locations at that time. The hope on both sides of the veil was that those bridges would remain open indefinitely, allowing tremendous wisdom to flow into our world for decades to come… but it would all depend on us humans, and our ability as ITC researchers to sustain a unity of mind. Sad to say, that didn’t happen. Most of the bridges had closed down by the year 2000, and they won’t reopen until that unity of mind can be achieved… something I’ll discuss in a later article. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the technical bridges that did open for us in the 1980s

Computer contacts

In 1987, researchers in Luxembourg were told that computers would be an efficient way to get information from their spirit friends. They reported, “Due to the large amounts of energy exhausted during voice contacts, these (radio, TV, and telephone contacts) are being replaced by computer contacts.”

Ken Webster of England (see articles here and here) published a book (The Vertical Plane) in which he reported on more than 200 computer contacts, starting in 1984, with local persons who had died more than three centuries ago. One of Webster’s main contacts was 16th Century Englishman Thomas Harden, who had lived in the same house that Webster now resided in, when the town was still named Bristol. From the astral planes, Harden could see Webster’s electronic equipment in the living room. He referred to the computer as “a box with a multitude of lights” sitting near “my chimney.” Harden would communicate in old English grammar in a variety of ways — telepathic messages, scribblings on note paper, chalk-written messages on the floor and, most important, computer files written on the display screen and generated on hard disk! Exactly how a 16th Century spirit could successfully manipulate a 20th Century computer is still open to speculation. Harden wrote, simply, that the writing was formed according to his will or his visualization in the “lightbox.” While no one on Earth understands for certain how such a transfer of ideas from spirit to physical occurs, it is likely that the higher beings of the universe who dwell in the higher planes (and are as invisible to astral residents such as Harden as they are to us living on the earth plane) quietly provided the technical assistance of getting the messages into the computer. These higher beings are always fully abreast of the happenings on Earth — from high-tech trends to personal thoughts and attitudes of its individual inhabitants.

Custom ITC Equipment

Jochem Fornoff and Peter Haerting were experimenting together in the mid-80s in Darmstadt, Germany, when they observed the amazing radio, TV, and telephone contacts being received in Luxembourg. They created a similar system that included a radio operating near the Eurosignal (87.5 MHz), a TV tuned to the idle channel 21, infrared lamps, one psychophone broadband receiver, and a psychophone with built-in generator. Their recording equipment included a low noise mixer and microphone pre-amplifier. The two men made their first contact in April, 1987, when a deep, drawling male voice announced:

Dear Friends, you are receiving us today across the Euro-Bridge. This transcommunication develops out of ABX-Juno … We will try to recontact you in July.

In July, the experimenters asked about the significance of the name “ABX-Juno,” and the same deep voice explained that A is for Aussen (external), B is for biological, and X is for experiment. Juno is the entity’s name.

For the next year, general and personal messages from ABX-Juno were friendly, supportive, and insightful, as the experimenters met with a small circle in the home of Peter Haerting. Some examples:

Use your strength for a positive balance. Concentrate your thoughts on what is good.

This has been a recurring theme in messages received by most successful ITC researchers: the need for mental purity.

Our technicians are trying to activate the transcantor (an unfamiliar term to the experimenters). Please be patient. We have to break off. We are getting a massive disturbance from your circle. Try reaching us again at 23:20 this day.

The disturbance was apparently from troubled thoughts and feelings in the mind of an attendee, who may or may not have even been aware of them.

You are asking if it is advisable for your side to get in contact with us. Look at it this way: without our contributions your most intense efforts would be useless.

Another basic truth of ITC known by all successful experimenters: Most of the bridge-building between our world and the worlds of spirit has to be done by our invisible friends on the other side. Our main tasks include keeping a clear, positive mind and heeding their suggestions for equipment improvements on our side.

Contacts continued with Juno throughout the year, but in January 1988 they abruptly ended with no explanation.

A similar situation had occurred in the US when George Meek and Bill O’Neil were enjoying a series of contacts with the spirit of George Jeffries Mueller who had died in 1967. Fortunately, the Meek team received some advance warning from Dr. Mueller, when he told them in 1982:

I cannot be here forever … there is a time and a place for everything.

Dr. Mueller soon would not be able to contact Meek and O’Neil over their single-frequency Spiricom system. The system had been built over the months through the interdimensional collaboration of O’Neil and Mueller as a customized device for Dr. Mueller. It would not work for another spiritual entity, nor would it work for Dr. Mueller once he had moved on to other projects.

Time Differential

Hans Heckmann and his fellow researchers have found that almost all predictions based on time were inaccurate. There is no past, present or future. Sometimes the spiritual beings would mix up the past with the future.

Researcher Maggy Harsch-Fischbach reported the following information between 1988 and 1992:

“There is a time lag with computer transcommunication, whereas voice transmissions are instantaneous, apparently because they involve direct mind-to-mind communication, or esp. The lag in computer transmissions may have to do with materialization. The conversion of subtle, etheric matter of a fine vibratory rate into dense matter of slow frequency requires much effort from the spiritside. The Technician has said that computer printouts require materialization; hence the delay.

“For the benefit of new readers we want to repeat that, unfortunately, we have no influence on whether or when these groups will respond to the questions you and others submit to us. This is true for inquiries about friends and relatives who have passed on, as well as scientific and technical questions.

“Many inquiries have accumulated during the last months and years and are stored on our computer memory disk or floppy disk. It is impossible to remember them all and we therefore filed them in our computer.

“The other side does not have this problem. They may refer to a question which was filed in our computer several weeks, months or even years ago. Often the answer arrives when we did not count on it anymore. You could therefore say that spirit contacts do not depend solely on the expectations and motivations of the experimenter.”

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