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ITC Gem 30: (Technical ITC 4:) Transvideo


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ITC Gem 30: (Technical ITC 4:) Transvideo

Posted on 2011 March 5 by Mark Macy

In the 1990s I visited Prof Ernst Senkowski in Mainz (Germany), and he later visited Regina and me in our home near Boulder (USA). Having worked closely with Klaus Schreiber, Martin Wenzel, Maggy Harsch-Fischbach, and other pioneers in video ITC, Ernst told me that one key to getting video ITC contacts (or ITC contacts in general) is to set up a situation in which energy can feed back on itself. A video ITC system, for example, might have a video camera aimed at a TV, with the output of the camera fed back (via cable) into the TV… creating a feedback loop… and then adjusted to cause a churning cloud of noise on the screen. Out of that noise can come a spirit image… the classic example being the face of Austrian actress Romy Schneider manifesting on the TV of Klaus Screiber:

Romy Schneider videoclip

Schreiber also captured video of the late scientist Albert Einstein:

Albert Einstein videoclip

Video feedback has become a popular experimental technique today, with samples found on various websites. (Example)

The experiences of Maggy in Luxembourg, however, suggest that such techniques aren’t necessary when working with a highly competent spirit group. Her invisible friends at Timestream delivered video directly into an old TV set with no reception that she got out of the closet, dusted off, and plugged in. Here are a few samples of the historic Luxembourg transvideos.

videoclip of cats in the afterlife

videoclip of 19th-Century scientist Henri Ste Claire de Ville

videoclip of late German EVP researcher Hanna Buschbeck

(Hanna Buschbeck’s background)

videoclip of English explorer and author Sir Richard Francis Burton

videoclip of pigeons in the spirit world

videoclip of Marie Mreches in a spirit world ocean

Our INIT members, including Maggy and other researchers from various countries, were given a rare taste of what’s possible through ITC… and our main job in the ITC project was to sustain harmony and good will among our group, which we succeeded in doing for about five years. During that time, our spirit friends provided nearly all of the technical expertise… in the subtle devices and energies they managed to interface with our TVs, radios, telephones, and other dense equipment.

I know that as ITC develops successfully on Earth in the future, it will involve efforts to sustain resonance among those working on the project. ITC simply cannot work without harmony and unity of thought. I suspect also that as we learn more and more about other-worldly energies and technologies, we physical humans will be playing an ever greater role in refining devices that can work with subtle energies. Those devices, like our spirit friends, will be profoundly affected by our thoughts, intentions, and attitudes.

Until then, ITC will be a noble dream… something to which to aspire… and the aim of this website is to provide a glimpse of that dream.

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