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ITC Gem 29: (Technical ITC 3:) MORE Trans-Images


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ITC Gem 29: (Technical ITC 3:) MORE Trans-Images

2011 February 26 by Mark Macy


At the height of ITC contacts (late 1980s and 90s), our spirit friends sent images showing people and places from the various communities and worlds and levels that they inhabit. The techniques and technologies they used were developed on their side in order to conform to the equipment used by the (mostly) European researchers, especially their TVs and computers.

The main technical developments in ITC were taking place on the other side. The main jobs of the researchers were to sustain a positive rapport with each other and with the spirit team, to provide some basic communication equipment, and to make small changes to the equipment as recommended by the spirit group. Some of those recommendations were delivered through ITC contacts (voices spoken through radio or telephone or written messages on computer), and others, especially early in the research, came through telepathically received messages. Researchers might receive clearly worded instructions during a dream or meditation, or they might feel a strong urge during the actual experiments to adjust this or that. In any case, it always involved a close psychospiritual rapport with the spirit group… without which there cannot be true ITC.

The recommendations, the small changes to the equipment, and the life energies of everyone involved in the ITC project on both sides of the veil (especially the focused intent of the researchers), all became part of the contact field… and all helped to “customize” the equipment for those researchers and their project. For that reason, an ITC device used with exceptional results by one researcher and his spirit friends usually didn’t work for another researcher.

That said, the following images were made possible by the historic contact fields established by researchers (the Harsch-Fischbach couple of Luxembourg) and their spirit collaborators.

– – – – – – – – – Begin Luxembourg Research Report – – – – – – – – –

Scanned photos


A photo is taken spiritside in a similar fashion to the way it’s done here. It is then read into a spiritside computer with the help of a “small disk” transferred to the TimeStream station. Then Swejen Salter enters it into the scanner program in the earthside computer.

Spirit friend Swejen Salter at Timestream showing


Friedrich Juergenson picture to be sent to Earth


Paranormal scanning: A scanner system (on Earth) includes a piece of equipment and a computer program. The equipment, which contains a photosensitive diode, shines light across a printed page and observes the image as a pattern of black and white areas and dots.

The program copies this black and white pattern into a file in computer memory in such a format that when it is sent to a line printer or laser printer, a facsimile of the original picture is created. Both text and pictures can be scanned.

During paranormal scanning the text and pictures are fed into earthside computers from the spiritside.

The earthside computers used by Timestream spirit group are not connected to each other nor to any other terminal in any physical way. Each computer’s only connection is the 220 volt power connector that plugs into the wall outlets.



Jeannette Meek’s picture was to be sent across in this fashion, but according to Swejen, George Meek’s medium Loree’s deep belief and strong affirmation that Jeannette has angel wings, prevents the picture from being scanned. Swejen acknowledges Loree’s strong psychic skills, but believes that she is misguided in her belief about wings.


Jeannette Meek and Hal Roach in paradise, at the “fifth level” of spiritual existence

“As so many other people on Earth, she was told that higher entities have wings. Wings are of symbolic character and once helped man to be able to imagine the spiritual world, but they are not a sign of higher levels.”

George Meek disagrees. Regardless of whether or not his late wife has wings, his extensive research into angels provides very strong evidence that angels do exist and many of them do indeed have wings. Whether the wings grow naturally in the higher realms or are materialized by the strong beliefs and thoughts of Earth dwellers is uncertain. Whether it is angels everywhere or simply angels serving Earth that have wings is unclear. In any case, Meek believes that it is Swejen Salter’s nonEarthly background that may make her unaware of angel wings.

(Eventually a picture of Jeannette was sent across on November 21, 1992, showing only her face superimposed over a beautiful astral landscape in what our spirit friends called the fifth level.Also in the picture is Nancy Carol, the daughter of Jeannette and George, along with Hollywood producer Hal Roach. The three happen to be residing in the same spirit realm, so the spirit group was able to add them all to the picture.)



The researchers also received scanned images of two ancient healers—Paracelsus of 16thCentury Austria (above) and Yang Fud-se of 1st Century China (below).


Yang Fud-se (via television)


Yimage.jpeg.3be132f7445940ce702298b4780205fe.jpegYang Fud-se (via computer file)


All images are partial aspects of the mid-Astral planes—landscapes of indescribable beauty.

A young woman (Maria Mreches) shown in a spirit-world ocean is the late relative of an earthside family.


Maria Mreches

Another picture shows the River of Eternity, with a recently deceased spirit couple, Victor Ries and Heli Schaeffer.


image.jpeg.fd12b7f6a5b627ba4852dee8412fc3fc.jpegHeli and Victor


Henri Sainte Claire Deville, a famous 19th Century scientist, looks like an earthside picture of himself (but clean-shaven) as he turns his head in a paranormal video clip received in Luxembourg.


Henri Sainte Claire de Ville in spiritimage.jpeg.ed661196743829ec2809dd3b4520b600.jpeg


image.jpeg.e557b0f92166cf5be03cdce6489b289a.jpegHenri Sainte Claire de Ville in lifetime


There is a sort of filter system used in the transmission of photos between dimensions. The filter modifies the sent photos according to the memories, ideas and expectations of the receivers. This causes some pictures to be altered to the point where they are similar to earthside photos.

Other pictures are obviously unique.


The late German EVP experimenter Hanna Buschbeck in spirit


Hanna Buschbeck in lifetime



Spirit world forest landscape


Cats in the spirit world

A video transmission of Konstantin Raudive was one of the first cases of simultaneous video and audio in an ITC contact. As you can see while watching the clip, it’s a still picture of Raudive (in his astral body) with his spirit voice (in German) superimposed.


Konstantin Raudive (lifetime)


Konstantin Raudive (spirit)

– – – – – – – – – End Luxembourg Research Report – – – – – – – – –

Editor’s note: I’ll try to make some of the paranormal video clips accessible in a future posting… MM
















































forest2 (1).jpg











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