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ITC Gem 27: Technical Aspects of ITC (Part 1)


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ITC Gem 27: Technical Aspects of ITC (Part 1)

 2011 February 2 by Mark Macy


Editor’s note: This is the first of several articles sharing what are probably the best technical insights anywhere available (on Earth) on how ITC bridges are opened and sustained. As with all these “ITC Gems,” the knowledge was gathered by some of the best researchers in the late 1980s and early 1990s, especially Maggy Harsh-Fischbach of Luxembourg… but also (in future installments) Dr Walter Uphoff (New Frontiers Center) and Dr Ernst Senkowski (Psychobiophysics Institute). This first installment is by far the most important of the series, as it deals with the “contact field”… how our thoughts and attitudes can enable or disable the miraculous bridge that allows information to flow freely from the finer worlds of spirit into our TVs, radios, computers, and other technical devices.

– – – – – Begin researcher reports – – – – –


The technical recommendations we get from the other side are merely hints. We still do not know the reason why a certain piece of equipment works well only in connection with a certain experimenter. As far as we know there are no spirit plans for the construction of electronic equipment that would provide a ready made spirit contact for everybody.

There are merely attempts to approach the problems mutually.

We have meanwhile learned that everyone would have to have his own equipment which is modified and adjusted to fit his own personality if contacts such as ours are desired. If we could analyze the soul of the experimenter like we can read his thumbprint we could get a little closer to the problem.

Each time we use our computer to write the INFOnews I get the feeling that its intricate electronics creates a type of x-ray picture of us and sends it to the other side. Of course I am not speaking of the x-rays we are all familiar with but a “picture” of the human soul with all intentions, feelings and experiences from many lifetimes.

The same can be said of experimenters who use their cassette recorder and by the answers they receive notice that their spirit partner is not observing their physical body but their etheric body, their emotions and the reflections of their soul.

Are there any connections between the electronic systems and the biophysics of man? I have often talked to Swejen about this subject. She said that one day equipment would be invented and developed on earth that could measure the subtle fields of the human body.

But man has to develop this device himself, Swejen said, comparing our search with the research efforts on their side.


Konrad Lorenz, an animal lover during his life on earth and now a spiritside worker with Timestream, worked on a rescue operation of animals who suffered agonizing deaths during the Persian Gulf war in February 1991.

Lorenz: Sometimes one is almost ashamed to have lived as a human being on earth.

The picture of Konrad Lorenz shows just a small part of the equipment used on the other side for ITC contacts. It is impossible to show the entire installation with the primitive earthside equipment. Metals and other materials are used in spiritside equipment that do not yet exist on Earth, a fact that seems to hinder picture transmission.


Maggy: The important element of ITC is not which researchers adjust which equipment, but what are their thoughts. The clarity of the voices and images coming from spiritside depends upon these thoughts.

If participants in public contacts doubt the authenticity of the spirit voices, they will suppress the powers which can make these larger circles possible.


Maggy: Too often “there are pretended friendships, pretended harmony to enable participation in voice contacts and serve one’s selfish interests. Human participants forget all too often that the higher beings look into our hearts and know our thoughts and motivations … and it is these higher beings who decide whether or not to make the contact.”

CETL was originally open to the public; anyone interested was included in the vibrational field for contacts. The field is built of thoughts, attitudes, prayers and desires — both positive and negative — of all involved. As a result, the field invited both positive and negative spiritual influence from the other side. The negative forces led to accidents, illness, conflicts and problems at work. There were materializations and dematerializations, dead-end situations that wasted time and energy. The unsuspecting victims were held responsible for their predicaments.


When the minds and thoughts are lined up with each other, higher beings can utilize these vibrations to improve voice contacts. The communication with ESB and GA1 was built up by the energy fields of four people.

Maggy: “It is vital for ITC researchers to examine all our thoughts, words and deeds and to be sure they come from a pure heart. It is a prerequisite that experimenters are compatible and have enough in common to reach the goals they have set for themselves.”

Technician: “A new electronic system will function when a unity of thought has been reached among researchers Earthside.”


During paranormal audio and video transmissions, a field of vibrations (contact field) is generated on every participant on both sides. It is formed by the telepathic abilities, thoughts and attitudes (especially the attitudes towards ITC) of all participants. Former participants not in attendance at session favorably affect the session as long as they maintain their interest and attitude toward ITC.

The sense of unity and cooperation among researchers is like a mesh or net; there is strength and integrity only when everyone is well linked with the others.

The spiritside senders and earthside receivers must be attuned to each other spiritually. They need similar interests and intentions. The spiritside might send an ocean of information, but the earthside may have the spiritual capacity to receive only a few cupfuls.


Swejen Salter, on the technique of information transfer: “We do not transmit any text passages in the form that is commonly used on Earth, but by thought impulses which in conjuction with the thoughts of the human receiver, interact and arrive as words on your side. We simply cannot list all the sources of every computer text because our thoughts are not transmitted as an expression of words but leave as impulses.”

Maggy: “There seems to be a multidimensional field of information which is being formed according to holographic principles by beings of different dimensions. This multi-dimensional information field possibly is related to the Akashic Records, linked to it, or even identical to it. It contains basic structures or “truths” that are timeless and always valid and which when expressed in three dimensional speech symbols, produce similar patterns for our senses.”


The collective thoughts of a team of researchers play a much bigger role in ITC than any equipment. The Luxembourg team was told by their spiritside colleagues, “The new equipment will only function properly when spiritual progress is guaranteed among men.”

(The most successful ITC researchers are those who have become more like their spiritside colleagues; their vibratory rates increase and their telepathic skills improve. As that happens, they become more subject to spiritual laws. Their thoughts become more pure and honest, since deception is unacceptable in the subtler realms. Their day-to-day harmful deeds are pointed out to them, and from that point on human ignorance is no longer an excuse; they must alter their behavior or face the consequences (which include severed ties with their spiritside colleagues).

– – – – – End researcher reports – – – – –

Conclusion: It’s evident from these research reports that the most important element in ITC is the human psyche. To experience ITC miracles, clear the mind, focus, and sustain resonance among your colleagues! (I’ll try to attach some of the transpictures to this post in the coming days… or better yet, post new articles that include pictures… MM)

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