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ITC Gem 24: Reliable Facts About Our Afterlife Paradise


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314782143_Birds046.thumb.JPG.e6602a7d6fc9e127bbe5d14859d049b3.JPGITC Gem 24: Reliable Facts About Our Afterlife Paradise

2011 January 16 by Mark Macy


Editor’s Note: For this post I’ve gathered up the remaining bits and pieces of communications about the astral worlds (our paradise afterlife) that came through the Luxembourg ITC station in the late 1980s and early 1990s. I was working closely with the Luxembourg experimenters in the early 90s and published English translations of their reports, distributing them among a small, select group of readers… before we established our international research panel, INIT, in 1995. These messages and their accompanying reflections are, in my view, the most reliable afterlife descriptions you’ll find anywhere on Earth… because they were delivered by our spirit friends directly and unfiltered through our equipment, rather than telepathically through a human medium (which involves filtering by the human mind). Some of the fragments below were published repeatedly in several issues of those early Luxembourg reports because of their importance, and so they may have appeared in previous postings of “ITC Gems” on this blog as well. The main spiritside communicators for these contacts were Swejen Salter, the director of the Timestream spirit group, and Konstantin Raudive, a pioneer in ITC work before his death in 1974. Also, the ethereal being Technician, who has never lived in a physical body. The ethereals have far greater insights than do humans in spirit. The numbers following some of the contacts, such as [88/04, indicate the year and issue of INFOnews in which each contact appeared… in this case issue 4 in 1988. So, here are those early descriptions of the afterlife world that our transpartners inhabit. (Italicized text indicates the actual messages from beyond.)

– – – Begin CETL report – – –

Raudive says that while electricity is our main energy on Earth, in the spirit world it is consciousness that drives things. Consciousness sends out much finer vibrations than you are able to perceive with your five senses. Clairvoyants have developed other senses. [88/04

Thought creates reality. The higher the vibratory rate, the purer and more loving the reality.

The aim of the spirit world: Spread the pure, wholesome values of the higher planes into the outer (dense, more physical) realms where excessive pain, fear, and violence abound to cause suffering.

Raudive, on the Higher Astral plane (level 4) lowers himself to the middle Astral (level 3) to communicate with Luxembourg.

Raudive realized this during his lifetime when he wrote in Do We Survive Death?, “There must be other laws in the Universe which we cannot exclude from our research.” Many experimenters have come to the same realization today by their own experiences. We cannot therefore explain ITC phenomena with our present scientific understanding. This does not mean we should not try to learn more and understand these laws until we have more advanced technologies and a much more advanced scientific understanding.

Raudive: One should not pull back the deceased egoistically in one’s thoughts because one likes to have them with oneself and can no longer live with them. That is a mistake made by many people, especially those with a child on our side.

Raudive told us that a personal day of reckoning is an exaggerated concept in many minds. In reality, a newcomer to spirit has a period of a few seconds in which a Light being helps him see a rapid succession of his life experiences in living color with the look and feel of pure reality. As you watch yourself throughout the movie it feels as though you are watching someone else and yourself in the same body. The Light being offers occasional remarks and selects certain events in your life to drive home your acts of selfishness, cruelty toward animals, and unfairness on one hand, and your acts of love, kindness and compassion on the other. [88/04

There is a day of reckoning for most of us after we die. Actually, a moment of reckoning. Human ignorance is a common excuse as we see images of ourselves heaping injustices upon our neighbors, bringing pain and death to animals, etc. Most cultures are based on material realities, not spiritual ones, and so the ignorance we derive from that and the pain we cause as a result, are apparently taken into account after we die — as though being human is a mitigating circumstance to our inhumane actions. Spiritual living does not fit into today’s view of the world. Many of us resist the spiritual laws which we know deep-down to be all-powerful and true, but in the end we all comply, whether we do it on Earth or in spirit later. Those who enjoy the most wonderful post-mortem experiences are those who give themselves a head-start here on Earth. [88/03

What punishment awaits those who have mistreated or tortured animals? Technician: You can compare the punishment roughly with a person who is having a big bucket of boiling water poured over his head every two minutes. While burns cannot form on his astral body, the pains are equal to what the physical body would suffer. [88/01

New arrivals from earth are judged not so much by their knowledge but by how they lived their lives. [91/01

Swejen: The River of Eternity stretches for about 100 million km. Millions of former Earth dwellers now live along its banks, along with gnomes, giants and formless beings. [87/12

Swejen died on a parallel world, Varid, in an accident resulting from a battle between dark and light forces. The ITC stations were already in place when Swejen arrived. She’s unsure how and when they were built. Some people and animals arriving there are reawakened as newborns. Most people reawaken as young adults, 25-30 years old. Swejen doesn’t know why. Damaged tissues and bones heal. Lost limbs reappear. Vision is restored to the blind. Hair and skin color remain as on Earth. Damage to the physical body while on Earth does not affect the astral body. [88/04

Swejen Salter: “On the banks of the River of Eternity on the Third Level there are a great variety of people. Some still sit around the campfire as they used to do in their (primitive) earthlife. Others meet in modern halls of congress surrounded by technical equipment. They give lectures about life after physical death. Still others do not even know that they have died.” [88si1

Residents of the third (middle astral) plane are people like us with a body much like ours except composed of subtler, more rapidly vibrating matter. [89/01

Swejen: I have many helpers here. Sometimes I meet people here who do not believe in a life before spirit and yet they help me with my work. [91/01

Swejen: Along the River of Eternity, about 60 percent of each populous area consists of people of the same earth nationality coming from the same time in history. The remaining group includes people of different nationality or time period.

Swejen: People here are very much like they were during their lifetime. Men and women have the same sexual needs as before their death. Since the average age here is 30 years and everybody knows that the sexual organs also serve other functions than reproduction, nobody should be surprised when I say that everything goes on as usual. However, here a woman does not get pregnant. [91/01

Swejen: Over 60 billion people live here along the River of Eternity. It is not always possible to find everyone you are looking for, even for us at Timestream. People go to the groups they feel drawn to. Beings who feel like we do, who have the same views and aims, come together in Group Timestream. They may be of different culture and race. The mental compatibility always wins out. [91/01

Jan (Spirit guardian of ITC researcher Adolf Homes): My astral body is made up of cells which consist of energy. You are questioning how can this happen with a brain that is not nourished by a blood supply anymore. I reply to you that your brain has nothing to do with your soul. Your soul has a multidimensional basis. Once you arrive on our side there is plenty of opportunity to continue advancement on other planes and worlds. Many beings here are confused and do not realize until much later that they are physically dead and have another body. [91/02

– – – End CETL report – – –

Closing note: These were the last of the afterlife descriptions published in the early Luxembourg reports. There are still other communications on other subjects, yet to be posted here. I plan to include that information also, in future “ITC Gems”. – – Mark Macy


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