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ITC Gem 23: The Power of Thought


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ITC Gem 23: The Power of Thought

2010 November 21 by Mark Macy

Editor’s Note: Thoughts create reality. Easy to say; hard to see. While the sensual clatter of a dense physical world reacts slowly to thought patterns, it becomes quite obvious in the subtler realms that reality is formed by consciousness. In the spirit worlds if we concentrate on a tree as we remember it from our life on Earth, a tree will appear. If we think of being with someone, we are there instantly.

While alive on Earth we can overcome the distractions of the five senses by clearing the mind and learning to focus on goodness and love. As our concentration strengthens, the new realities materialize more and more easily within and around us.

Higher beings always think and act with pure sincerity. While such sincerity is almost impossible to possess in a physical world such as ours that is rife with deception and hidden motives, only sincere people can become trustworthy mediums, the sort of mediums that the higher levels are willing to contact.

We live in “complex fields of possibilities” influenced by our free will. Prophecies and predictions can never be accurate in much detail. However, if enough people believe a prediction deeply enough, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Not only will their behavior eventually shape the occurrence on Earth, but their thoughts will immediately start creating that reality in the subtler realms.

The following communications were delivered directly to Maggy Harsch-Fischbach from her invisible friends at Timestream sending station, through her computer.

Swejen Salter, 1991: “The inhabitants of Earth have not only a different view of their world than do those of my home planet, Varid, but also a different physics. For instance, the planet I come from was flat in 600 B.C. It was as flat then as it is round now. The planet has not changed but the spirit of its inhabitants has. The spirit of man, whether on Earth or Varid, is constantly changing. Man attributes this maturing of intellect to advancements in science and to more accurate methods of investigation.”

The Seven Ethereals, 1992: Some of this we have told you before. Your life, beginning with your daily activities, your thoughts, deeds and events you think you have no control over, (I speak of environmental catastrophes, etc.) in the final analysis is being created by yourself but in different dimensions, in dreams and other trance-like conditions when you are your real self.
None of you has to die to be the person you would really like to be. You only have to die because you selected one of many possibilities for yourself. The person who has become panicky and fears death may wish to recall that he has selected his death long before in another dimension.
We cannot explain these psychological processes and the variety of possibilities within the limits of ITC contacts. You can, however, learn from us through your mediumistic and intuitive abilities which you all have but only a few of you use creatively.

Swejen Salter, 1989: If you harbor bad intentions and thoughts you will not be here very long. Such people reincarnate. Most people at first settle in the mid-Astral plane when they cross over, but many have difficulties adjusting… for example, those who misunderstood or rejected the reality of life after death,  those who ignored their deep skills, talents and desires in order to make money, and victims of war and violence.

Timestream, 1991: There is a sort of filter system used in the transmission of photos between dimensions. The filter modifies the sent photos according to the memories, ideas and expectations of the receivers. This causes some pictures to be altered to the point where they are similar to earthside photos.


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