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Einer Nielsen (1894-1965)

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Einer Nielson who in 1922 had the wolves from the people of Christian church in Christiania, Oslo at his heels baying for his blood trying to denounce him as being a fraud. Einer Nielson was so incensed by the accusations. In 1924 he put himself through all sorts of rigorous tests in Reykjavik and sat many times in front of the researchers from the Physical Research Society of Iceland, who had many trusted, eminent, high ranking people of that society and many scientists belonging to that society. The documented happenings were recorded by the writer Einar H Kvaran, there were many plainly seen levitations and telekinetic phenomena also materialisation which amazed the audiences as sometimes there appeared two at a time near Einer, and this was a when he was in full view of the sitters. Baron Schrenck Notzing also brought the Medium to the attention of the general public.
In 1932 the unfortunate Einer who lived in Copenhagen at the time was again accused of fraud by the Johs leader of his Circle, a well off Johs Carstensen published a damming pamphlet [probably jealousy]. Einer Nielsen took Johs Carstensen to court for slandering his name but unfortunately lost his case in the same year. He continued to sit for the Spirit World but never again for the public only sitting with trusted friends.
Einer Nielsen was born In Copenhagen, Denmark In 1894. Trained as a physiotherapist and followed the profession throughout his life. He past to the higher life in 1965. His first physical mediumship seance took place when he was just a young man of 17. He sat in test conditions for psychical mediumship many times and in many places in Europe. He worked in the light as well as in the dark. Einer's guide was called Mica. She controlled Einer during his seances and in most of his Circles where he demonstrated full materialisation, independent voice and trance work.
Einer travelled all over the Nordic country's delivering his message and took part in many demonstrations of Psychical mediumship.
In the winter of 1915, Einer was put into prison after a demonstration of physical mediumship, He was incarcerated for a short time. Einer's criminal activities were of his demonstrations of physical mediumship and serving the Spirit World. One gentleman who was at his seance was very angry, and after the materialisation, he called the police. His anger was a result of him being given a piece of material as an apport. Einer was suddenly brought back from his trance state when the man became angry and demanded Einer to get down on his knees, asking God to forgive him for demonstrating the intelligent forces from the etheric world. The man was very religious Christian person and he blamed Einer for bringing Spirit through. He got Einer arrested for producing a materialization of a false Spirit. Einer had to spend a little time in a prison cell, but was later released. There was NO conviction, and NO evidence that he had done anything wrong. The obsessively religious Christian man felt he had to do Gods work and accuse Einer Nielsen for being non Christian.
Einer sat successfully sat many times for physical research scientists, in many countries, all sittings to our knowledge were successful and he was given the green light that his mediumship was authentic. Einer then gave him self completely to development his psychical mediumship. He Started a Danish Spiritualist Church in Copenhagen in 1930 and today this is going strong.
In 1965 he became an honoured guest at the International Spiritualist Federation in London. They gave him an honour in recognition of the work he hade done for Spirit and people around the world.
Einer spend a great deal of time travelling in the Nordic countries giving demonstrations. Many photographs were taken of him with ectoplasm being shown, and he developed Spirit materialisations in low light. He was never afraid to demonstrate or to be tested.
Einer's love for music and ballet brought him frequently to the Royal Copenhagen Theatre, were he spent a lot of time listening to the music, and watching the Ballet. Einer loved Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake performed by the Royal Danish Ballet. One wonderful evening at the Royal Copenhagen Theatre, Einer was happy, sitting in the balcony watching the show, during the second act, Einer passed in to his higher life.
He had been told by Mica, his Guide, that one day, when he was happy and his time was over, he would cross over into the Spirit World very quickly.
My thanks to Karen Richards for the information on Einer.
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